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Reading While Relaxing Just Got Easier

If you are like the millions of people that read e-books on a kindle, kindle fire, or just about any mobile device then this little trick might be the ticket to easy reading while relaxing in a lounge chair or at night in bed.

I have had a flexible tablet holder for years to easily read my book without constantly holding the tablet. However, I still must reach up and touch the side of the tablet to turn the page.

Late To The Party

I understand that many of you are probably well ahead of me on this and have been using Remote page-turners or even this new trick I just learned, but I figured that if I did not know about it, sharing might help others.

Remote Page Turners

If you check Amazon, you will find a large assortment of  Bluetooth Page Turners and they range in price from cheap to very expensive. I have a cheap one that is supposed to work with any Android device, and it does work on my Samsung phone but not my Kindle Fire which is Android based. I have even installed Google play and it will not work regardless of the setting I use.

Luckily, there is a setting on eBook readers that allows you to turn the page by using the volume controls. Using them while holding the device is helpful but is no help while reclining. However, this option got me thinking and I plugged in a set of earbuds that had a volume control on the wire. Because I don’t use any sound while reading, it worked perfectly. I have tried this on four devices, and it works on all of them. Also, Bluetooth is not a requirement.


Whether you are using a simple stand, pillow reader, or gooseneck holder, I hope now that you know you can simply plug in a set of earbuds that have a toggle volume control, you can sit back and have complete control of turning pages. The best part of this is that most people already have a set of earbuds but if not, they are readily available from Amazon or eBay in standard micro-USB or USB-C for under $10.

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