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Recent Windows Update Causes Serious Issues

Microsoft has pulled a number of recent security patches because of users reporting issues after installing the updates.

The main culprit appears to be KB2982791 which was delivered during August and, according to Microsoft’s support website, can cause several issues, the most serious of which is a persistent BSoD leading to an unbootable Windows. Microsoft has stopped distributing the update through Windows Update as well as via its website.

According to Microsoft’s security bulletin, the kernel-mode security update KB2982791 has a total of three known issues, which includes the locking down of the fonts folder in Windows, incorrect rendering of system fonts on Windows 8, 8.1, 8.1 RT and Server 2012 R2, and system crashes.

Microsoft has provided a guide to removing the update over at their support website and also provided the necessary steps to regain access to the fonts folder which will be left locked on affected systems even after removing the update manually.

It seems these issues are not widespread but if you are one of the unlucky affected users, you should pop over to the Microsoft Support Page and follow the relevant instructions:

(Obviously, those worst affected users who are unable to boot their operating system will need to access Microsoft’s advisory via a secondary device)


3 thoughts on “Recent Windows Update Causes Serious Issues”

  1. Geoff Dunstan

    I use Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit. After installing the August updates, i didn’t get any Bsod’s, but my PC kept grinding to a halt saying memory was low. I was regularly doing a hard reboot! After restoring to an earlier time, back to normal (thank goodness). How could MS release such “untested” updates.

  2. I had these problems with this update. I thought it was my PC with viruses. I decided to check and then did a simple procedure. When updated the windows 7 ultimate to windows 8 performed a procedure that I understood to be unnecessary for those who have PC with Domestic purposes. However for the moment the latest update recommended a recovery CD. For use in disaster situations with the installation caused by viruses. When the PC first started after the update reset itself after 1 in 1 hour again restarted. Finally not launched yet. Procedure without knowing whether it worked or not, because after the windows had already updated to windows 8.1 and this was the second update to 8.1. Resilvi try turned the pc and how not started the windows open the DVD player put the recovery CD and follow the installation steps procedimentode when it asks to install clicked repararo computer and follow to advanced settings and asked to repair the windows, after the procedure I received the following message in response that the windows did not find anything to be repaired and to choose one of two options back to advanced tools below or boot windows. I chose the second option and to my surprise the Windoes returned to work again without problems. The procedure generated a log that I jotted novice not the folder where the log was archived. I did not know it was problems with the update. Glad to know that is not the age of my PC that gives you trouble.

  3. I’m not experiencing the problem on my [Vista] PC so I’ll wait for the Sept update where hopefully M$ will provide an update.

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