Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of TV Shows

Here’s a quick quiz to test your knowledge of popular TV shows. If you get 6 or more out of 10 correct, give yourself a pat on the back.

Multiple choice answers will be presented but only one is the correct answer. Hover your mouse cursor over your chosen answer and a popup will tell you if you are correct or not. You can post your own score out of 10 via the comments. NO CHEATING!

1) Which of the following TV shows ran the longest (the most seasons)?

A) NCIS__________ B) Law & Order: SVU__________ C) Law & Order

2) Which actor played the part of Jesse Pinkman, Walter White’s offsider, in Breaking Bad

A) Bob Odenkirk__________ B) Dean Norris__________ C) Aaron Paul

3) What is the name of John Dutton’s feisty daughter in the Yellowstone series?

A) Bess__________ B) Beth__________ C) Bev

4) Who wrote the “A Game Of Thrones” books on which the series of the same name was based?

A) George R R Martin__________ B) Arthur C Clarke__________ C) J R R Tolkien

5) What was lawyer Saul Goodman’s name (from Breaking Bad) before he became Saul Goodman?

A) Jimmy McGrath__________ B) Jimmy McGill__________ C) Jimmy Magee

6) What is the name of the English football (soccer)  club coached by Ted Lasso?

A) AFC Richmond__________ B) AFC Rockdale__________ C) AFC Riverdale

7) What was the name of Rick Grime’s wife in the original Walking Dead series?

A) Lisa__________ B) Leanne__________ C) Lori

8) What was the name of William Shatner’s character in the Boston Legal series?

A) Danny Crane__________ B) Alan Shore__________ C) Denny Crane

9) The hit mob-based series, “The Sopranos”, was set in which US location?

A) Chicago__________ B) New Jersey__________ C) Boston

10) What was the name of Harvey Specter’s secretary in the popular lawyer series “Suits”

A) Diana Poulson__________ B) Rachel Zane__________ C) Donna Paulsen

How did you do? Let us know in the comments.

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