New Year Giveaway: Laplink DiskImage (UPDATED)

[important]Please see the update below ~ Dave[/important]
Laplink DiskImage is a full featured disk imaging software including the ability to create bootable recovery media.

Protect your PC with a perfect copy (image) of all your applications, files and settings. Quickly and easily restore your PC and recover damaged or lost files due to corrupted systems, viruses, hackers or other malware. Even restore to a PC with different hardware using the Hardware Independent Restore feature.

By using DiskImage you aren’t just securing data, but your entire PC. When you restore an image, the old PCs setup is restored along with the data regardless of whether it is onto the same PC or onto another one. DiskImage is the perfect solution to protect against unforeseen data loss.

  • Easy-to-Use Wizard
  • Automated Incremental Imaging
  • Advanced Burning
  • Perfect Copy
  • Hardware Independent
  • Boot CD
  • Read more information regarding Laplink DiskImage and its features on the HOME PAGE [link removed ~ Dave]

To get your free copy, go to this GIVEAWAY PAGE [link removed – original link was to ~ Dave] and click on the “REDEEM HERE” button… expires 10th January.

A new page will then open, just follow the 3 steps (*NOTE: requires creating a Laplink account)

UPDATE: January 7th, 2013

After receiving multiple complaints regarding this offer DCT contacted Laplink fearing there must be some misunderstanding or other easily rectified reason behind the snafu. We received the following response from Thomas Koll, CEO of Laplink:

the Email Promotion was sent to a selective audience of educational and corporate professionals. In no way was this promotion authorized to be send out in your news letter.  I would urge you to delete any reference to this promotion from your web site. Damages could be significant.

As this promotion was listed on multiple sites and Laplink did not take steps to protect the promotion’s page, or limit access to the page, we can only suspect that Laplink did not expect their promotion to go viral. We listed this promotion in good faith knowing the page was “open to the public” and the offer was valid at the time of posting. {insert sarcasm} Nor did we know authorization was needed when linking to a publicly accessible web page. {end sarcasm}

Interestingly the page is still online though it now indicates the offer has expired (screenshot at left).

However, based on the tone of Mr. Koll’s response and the (not so slightly) veiled threat I’ve decided to leave the page up so that DCT readers know why the promotion was not valid and also so others may find the information when searching. I’ve removed any hyperlinks in the article so readers do not inadvertently click them, but also so that Laplink does not gather any Google bonus from the incoming links.

More importantly, we would also like to apologize to all DCT readers who may have been inconvenienced ~ Dave H

7 thoughts on “New Year Giveaway: Laplink DiskImage (UPDATED)”

  1. Laplink DiskImage expiry date is 10.1.2013
    “This is our free gift for you. No gimmick, no catch, no purchase required. But you must redeem before January 10,
    2013, by visiting the link above.”

  2. Kenneth Wolf

    Tried to get this but kept getting a “This product code has expired” message. Not a great way to get a “free” download.
    Is there any problem with this website that you know of? Cleared cookies, restarted, etc. No luck.

  3. I tried repeatedly to accept this offer but every try returned me to the original page. What a waste of time.

  4. Sorry about this guys. I hope you understand that I cannot go through each process and check each and every giveaway right through to the end. In some cases we have to take the developers/publishers at their word.

    I have sent off an email to Laplink which says in part:

    We have received numerous complaints from our readers that the giveaway is not working. I tried it myself and after completing the required steps all that happens is a new page opens with the message…”This Product Code has expired”.

    I sincerely hope this is an honest error. Whatever it is, it is not good… I strongly advise you to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

    Rest assured, I will be following this up on your behalf.

    Cheers… Jim

  5. I chatted with them after getting same error. It was only intended for corporate customers & it’s expired.

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