New WinPatrol 25: This terrific security software just got even better!!

Bill Pytlovany has just released (today) the first updated version of his terrific WinPatrol software to include new major features. These new features have been introduced to thwart common methods utilized by malware, such as Stuxnet and Flame, to hide and disable security programs, and are specifically designed to prevent malicious software from sitting undetected in your system waiting to release their full payload:

*Start Program Removal Detection
All WinPatrol users can benefit from the often requested option of Start program removal. WinPatrol was the first program to let users know if a new auto startup programs had been added. Now WinPatrol will also let you know if another program has removed one of your Startup programs. One of the common behaviors of malware is to reduce the possibility of being detected by Anti-Virus or security software. It’s common for new malware to remove programs from your auto Startup list. (Applies to both Free and Plus).

*Uninstall Detection
The new WinPatrol v25 will track programs that have been installed on your system and will monitor the location Windows uses to store Uninstall information. This location includes the path to the Uninstall command which is often used by malware to remove a program silently. WinPatrol will let you know the names of any programs which are removed. This feature is available to PLUS only users and is optional. Legitimate alerts may occur during software updates or when you choose to remove software. (Applies to Plus only).

This major new WinPatrol version also includes improved integration for 64-bit systems as well as several important bug fixes. You can view full details of all new features, enhancements and bug fixes HERE.

If you are an existing WinPatrol user, either Free or Plus, we strongly advise you upgrade to the new version 25 as soon as possible. If WinPatrol is not currently part of your security setup, we respectfully suggest you take a close look at this latest version and seriously consider adding WinPatrol to your arsenal.

9 thoughts on “New WinPatrol 25: This terrific security software just got even better!!”

  1. @Jim,

    Thanks for the timely heads-up. Have plus, and applied the update (in my VM as you know).

    I know you would agree . . . WinPatrol is one of the most essential tools in the fight against malware.

    Have been a fan for many moons.

  2. I hope there is another 0.99 cent offer from Winpatrol. I really like the software in its full potentials.

    1. Hey Vhick – I seriously doubt we’ll be seeing another .99c offer any time soon. However, $29.95 for a LIFETIME license is certainly not over priced. Divide the number of years estimated use into the one-time cost and see what I mean… great value!!

  3. G’day Jim,

    I am a long time user of WinPatrol Plus, ( I can’t remember when I first installed the free version), and it is always the first program I reinstall, after my AV programs of course, if I need to upgrade systems.

    It’s great to see such enthusiastic comments on such a great program.

    1. G’day Ric – Ditto, and ditto. WinPatrol is not only a great program, WinPatrol Plus also represents great value. 🙂

      Cheers mate… Jim

  4. Long time Plus user-Worth every penny!!
    This along with Anvir task Manager Pro,and Zemanna AntiLogger behind a carefully configured hardwall in my router,have kept me clean for years.
    “We don’t need no stinking AntiVirus”! -for you old movie buffs

  5. Scotty is the best friend a computer can have.
    The license for the non-FREEware version (@V25) never expires,
    Thus (and as JH already stated), it is a GREAT value and a token of appreciation ($ contribution to BillP) never hurts the cause.

  6. I love Win Patrol and have been using it for years.I will not up date however as I like version 17 from 2010.
    It still has the active X feature for free.When I updated you had to have the Plus version to access Active X
    and I was dissapointed.I had the old version on my disc I make for older apps just in case I have to do reinstalls
    and was happy to be able to use the old version again.
    I am not trying to cheat the profits of any one but I do like free as I am on a strict and limited budget.

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