New PrivaZer Version Cleans Even Deeper

I must start off by saying that neither DCT nor myself are associated with PrivaZer in any way, I am just a big fan of this superior cleaning and privacy tool. If you haven’t yet caught up with my previous reviews of PrivaZer you can do so here:

The PrivaZer team has recently released a new version (v2.13) which adds a new area for cleaning and even greater privacy… that area is the transactions log files ($LogFile) on NTFS drives.

What traces can be found in the transactions log file?

  • the names of the most recently created files/folders
  • the names of the most recently deleted files/folders
  • the names of the most recently moved files/folders
  • the names of the most recently copied files/folders
  • the names of the most recently renamed files/folders

According to PrivaZer; a $LogFile may record more than 300,000 operations on files/folders and may contain around 10,000 file/folder names, so it would be very easy to recover the names of files which have been deleted by the user…  now that’s a privacy issue!

PrivaZer has always included the ability to create a portable version via the installer but I notice that the download page now also includes a dedicated portable version.

Existing users should update to the latest version (v2.13.1) to ensure even greater privacy. Those who have yet to check out PrivaZer should consider doing so. Not only is it the most comprehensive free cleaning/privacy tool available, the developers are constantly looking at ways to improve and enhance their program.


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  1. The developer of PrivaZer worked for a few hours one night recently (it was night for me anyway) to turn v2.13 into what became 2.13.1 (which was actually a reformulated 2.13.2, so you can see the work he did). The source of the problem was $LogFile, most especially on my old XP computer. 2.13 had worked on my Win7 SP1, but had crashed on XP SP3. He worked steadily on it until he had solved the problem.

    PrivaZer for Donors is currently identical to PrivaZer free, although donors receive the announcement of an update first. Donations are whatever a user wants to offer. The developer tells me that PrivaZer for Donors will soon be a more advanced version than PrivaZer free.

    Your DCT support for PrivaZer is well warranted, I believe, Jim.

    Bill Allin (New Brunswick, Canada)

    1. Hi Bill – I’ve received similar glowing comments regarding Privazer’s excellent support, and read many more elsewhere. It certainly makes for a refreshing change.

      I’m a little disappointed to hear of Privazer’s intentions re the donation version, but not at all surprised. Privazer is such an exceptional piece of software and one can’t blame the developers for looking to monetize their efforts. I just hope they don’t go too far, it’s getting more and more difficult to find a quality free program which is not a pale shadow of its premium big brother.

      Thanks for your input here, much appreciated,
      Cheers… Jim

  2. Hi Jim, Long time passing, mate, since I had a newsletter from DCTs. What happened? DCTs is one of my favourite newsletters, which I always find very instructive, in such a good, friendly and relaxed atmosphere! I just love it!

    I first heard of PrivaZer from you, Jim, and immediately installed, it on both my Windows 7 Pro and XP Home SP3, fully updated and still perfectly trouble-free.

    On both these desktops, PrivaZer had done a wondrous job of freeing up hundreds of MBs, and after a clean re-install of my Windows 7 (after three years of use and after after a quick format), Privazer freed up over 1000 MB of trash when I had completed the job over three days and three nights!! I donated immediately, a donation for each installation, and now in January 2014, donated again for both machines for this year. These guys really deserve to be helped [as you do :-)]. But let me tell you what happened in December 2013/January 2014, immediately after an update of PrivaZer for donors:

    Very briefly, PrivaZer caused a problem on my W 7, returning the error “Extensible storage engine utilities for Microsoft(R) Windows (R) has stopped working.” After reporting this to the developers of PrivaZer, they immediately took remote control with TeamViewer, and worked for days and days to fix the problem, saying PrivaZer caused this error in 1% of Windows 7 OSs.

    For two weeks they were back and forth with TeamViewer, and finally fixed the problem, and requested a complete uninstall of version 2.13 for donors, and the installation of version 2.13.1, which I found to be perfection itself, much faster and much more efficient. I was really impressed by their dedication and got to know the developer helping me, through TeamViewer’s messaging facility. He told me their team consists of Yanks, Limeys and Froggies (!) and that their office is in the UK.
    I have had no problems with PrivaZer since then. I agree with you: it IS a fantastic PC cleaner. There is no other like it. It’s unique.

    I still use CCleaner,and it still finds a bunch of temp files to delete after a PrivaZer scan, and it also wipes empty space, as you know. So, having found CCleaner to still be useful, I use CCleaner first, then run PrivaZer, and my PCs run like new again…

    I have you to thank for introducing me PrivaZer, Jim. Keep going mate, and may DCTs always be there for us. Greetings from South Africa.

    1. Hi Ballyirish, greets from Oz. 🙂

      I can assure you the newsletter has been delivered every weekend, regular as clockwork, can’t understand why you haven’t been getting it. Obviously you haven’t changed email addresses because you received the latest newsletter okay… it’s a mystery to me.

      Yes, the Privazer team has gained a well earned reputation for excellent support. I’ve received similar glowing comments and read many elsewhere about Privazer’s conscientious customer support… makes for a refreshing change.

      Cheers mate, always good to hear from you.

  3. Do you still recommend AVG ? I use AVG Premium 2014 and it’s working great, caught all of EICAR test, which other AV didn’t catch. I’ve tried other AV’s but I settle for this one for now.


    1. Hi Shiri – AVG did go through a period of time where it became bloated and heavy on resources. Even though I haven’t checked it out personally, my understanding is that recent versions have gone a long way toward rectifying that situation.

      Cheers… Jim

  4. Hi again, Jim or Oz (now I’m confused!) Thanks for the reply.

    I forgot to mention that PrivaZer asked to test their new version 2.13.1 on my Win 7 Pro. I gave the go-ahead and they ran the version right through, were more than satisfied, and gave me the (TeamViewer) message “Works like a charm.” @Blocker is quite right in what he says – that is my information too.

    Yes, I hope it remains “ContributionWare”.

    Speaking of contributions, last year I had no problem contributing to DCT, but I have not been able to do so for 2014. Have a shufti at your contributions facility: THERE IS NO CLICKABLE ORANGE BOX!!! I have been in contact with Dave Hartsock about this, a second time just now, because he referred to that same facility, but it doesn’t work… I’ll look in again after hearing from Dave. (Sorry, I forgot to log in)

    Cheerio Jim, Oz, be good and you’ll be happy!

    1. It is Jim from Oz. 🙂

      You must forgive my terminal laziness, Aussies do have a penchant for shortening words, names in particular – Australia becomes Aus, which then becomes “Oz” in textual form.

      The “clickable orange box” is displaying and working fine for me. Do you have any ad blocking extensions installed in your browser, something like “AdBlock” perhaps? If so, this will also block other elements, such as the donation box.

      Cheers… Jim from Oz.

  5. I really hate the overused word awesome which indicates my thoughts about this great app. when I say it is awesome and felt the need to donate immediately after the first use and followed up by uninstalling all other cleaners. Very many thanks to the developer.

  6. Running a program like Privazer or CCleaner indiscriminately on a computer is foolish. Anyone can write a program that will free up megabytes and gigabytes of space. You see to judge this type of program on how much space it can free up. What does it matter how much space it frees up if it hoses your computer? What space is it freeing up? Disc space? Registry space? Well, let me warn you… the more space it frees up, the more likely it is to break something and screw up your computer. Be careful what you wish for…

    1. Running a program like Privazer or CCleaner indiscriminately on a computer is foolish

      Potentially, sure, but who has suggested these programs should be run “indiscriminately”?

      What does it matter how much space it frees up if it hoses your computer?

      What evidence do you have to support the inference that PrivaZer “hoses your computer”?

      Anyone can write a program that will free up megabytes and gigabytes of space

      So what’s the name of the program you’ve written?

      What space is it freeing up? Disc space? Registry space?

      Well, seeing how it is a “disk cleaner” (not disc), I suspect it may be freeing up disk space. Makes sense to me.

      You seem to be on some sort of crusade. That’s fine, we respect everyone’s opinion here, and I actually agree with some of what you have said, but I would request that you please couch your comments in a more amicable tone.


    1. Jeremy, you do realize that donating is purely optional? You can still download and use the software even if you don’t donate.

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