Most Inane Study Conclusion Ever plus Where do the Chinese Hide Their Subs

Is This the Silliest Study Conclusion Ever?

News is circulating about scientists from the Netherlands and Canada who conducted a study of the relationship between alcohol consumption and hangovers. The study came to the brilliant conclusion that ‘the only way to avoid a hangover is to drink less’. No sh*t Sherlock!! <source>

If ever there was proof that common sense does not necessarily go hand in hand with the level of IQ, this is surely it. Where do these “scientists” hang out for goodness sake, in a cocoon! Even young adults with little experience and even less in the way of credentials are well aware that the more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are to suffer a hangover.

Unfortunately, this sort of nonsense, while minor in this case, can and does spill over into more serious aspects of life. Not sure about your particular country but, here in Australia, our government will set up commissions which spend years and millions of dollars to come up with conclusions that any ordinary man or woman on the street could have told them in the first place.

… or on the couch perhaps

While scientists and the like may suffer from a complete lack of common sense, our politicians prove over and over again that they are so far removed from the masses they have absolutely no idea what it is to live like an ordinary, everyday citizen. No wonder then that they are crap at making decisions on our behalf and running countries in general.

My advice to scientists and politicians everywhere; forget about conducting studies and commissions, just ask a couple of ordinary folk off the street and they’ll more than likely set you straight, and it will save a heck of a lot of time and money in the process.


Where do the Chinese Hide their Subs?

Now, just in case that was not silly enough for you, how about the following newspaper headline:

The image is courtesy of MajorGeeks (DCT’s recommended download site). Here is a selection of clever and equally humorous comments in response:

  • Oh that’s just great! I suppose they are going have us on some wild goose hunt looking for their flying airplanes in the sky next!
  • Brilliant! All those years wasted searching the Gobi Desert…
  • Confucius say, man with boat under water, hide in plain sight
  • My god! I’d never think of looking there for one, and I’ve had some anti-submarine warfare training. What will they think of next?

Ya gotta chuckle people!


3 thoughts on “Most Inane Study Conclusion Ever plus Where do the Chinese Hide Their Subs”

  1. Maybe those who conduct these fascinating studies should spend more time in the pub. It’s the only way to gauge this kind of thing anyway.

  2. If our Goverments had to work for their money like most people do then maybe they would not be so willing to pay for such asinine projects. I mean does this really take a rocket scientist to figure out?

  3. I think you missed the point. If you read the article you’d all see a) it wasn’t the government, b) It was talking about whether drinking water reduces a hangover! As in methods people use to try and reduce one. And so no, there’s no way to reduce a hangover.

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