How To Update Caption Numbers In Word

We have covered Adding Captions and Adding Captions to a Floating Object in previous posts:

Today I will teach you how to update caption numbers in your documents.

If you insert a new caption in your Word document, Word will automatically update your caption numbers.  But, if you delete or reposition a caption, you will have to manually update your caption numbers.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  • Click any place in your document and press CTRL + A to select your entire document
  • Right-click and then select Update Field on the shortcut menu that appears

All of your captions should now be updated.

2 thoughts on “How To Update Caption Numbers In Word”

  1. Maxine Dignan

    I’m using a Mac. The word doc is large and has about 75 captions, but the numbering has suddenly gone haywire. Jump from 56 to 110, for instance. The auto numbering has gone ballistic. When I do ctl-A, then right click to select update field, it hasn’t worked, and has completely messed up the formatting of the rest of the document as well. Please help!

  2. Honestly I know nothing about a Mac. I have a PC. If it helps, this is how you fix numbering in Word 365:
    If your page numbering if off in Word, the easiest solution is to remove the page numbers and start over. To remove page numbers in Word, click anywhere in the document, go to the Insert tab, then select Page Number | Remove Page Numbers. You can then adjust the numbering settings and add page numbers to your Word document as you please.
    If you have section breaks, you might need to reset the page numbering for each section. Page number options are also available under the Header & Footer tab.
    Page number options are also available under the Header & Footer tab.

    I hope this is helpful to you.

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