How To Share Your Instagram Nametag

If you are wanting to get more followers and grow your page, then you found the right video. What I want to show you is how you can share your Instagram Nametag. This is the QR code that people can scan with their device that will let them follow your page easier. You can add this Nametag to your email, advertising, website, or any other place that will get more people to see it. Since we know what we are going to learn today, let us get this training started.


3 thoughts on “How To Share Your Instagram Nametag”

  1. Hi Jason. I have had some Super 8 videos converted to digital but would like to add some music yo them , especially the ones of a bullfight we attended in Barcelona.. Will I need to purchase a program to do this?

    1. Hey John,

      With apologies to Jason for jumping in here. Here is a link to a site which will allow you to add audio to videos online (not sure about any limitations) :

      And here are links to two free video editors which should provide an option to add audio to an existing video:

      Whichever method you use I would strongly advise you to first make a copy of the video(s) so if anything goes wrong you will have a backup in place.

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