4 thoughts on “How To Set End Date On Google Ads”

    1. Hi Patrick,

      I tested it again on my Google Browser and FireFox Browser and the menu is there. That menu will not appear until you do Step 3 and click on the All Campaign at the top then the grey menu on the left appears where the Settings option is. The other menu on left that shows all the campaigns you have done it is hidden most the time unless you click the arrow on the left of the screen. It will block the the Menu if it is open. Not sure why you are not seeing it but hoping this helps. The main thing is to get the All Campaigns screen opened and click on the settings. That way you can change that end date. Are you using a different browser?

      1. Jason,

        My colleague and I cannot thank you enough for this article!!! We were going crazy trying to figure out how to set an end date. And it’s not the easiest thing to google for either given the keywords trigger a lot of other results…

        Why is this so maddeningly, unintuitively located?!?

        Thanks again!!!!

        1. You are so welcome Willy. It is nice to hear when one of my articles help someone out. Guess these issues is what keeps me writing these articles. 🙂

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