How To Put Your Taskbar Where You Want It

Normally, when you install Windows 10, the Taskbar will sit at the bottom of your main display, where it will be visible whenever you are working with Windows applications, however, you do not have to keep it there. Moving your Taskbar can make better use of your Desktop real estate and besides, some folks just find it distracting in that position.

If you find that you are more comfortable with the Mac-style menu bar, you can move your Taskbar to the top of your display so your Start menu and App thumbnails appear below it.

On wide-screen displays, where vertical real estate is limited, some folks prefer to relocate their Taskbar to the left or right-hand side– a setup that requires slightly less scrolling for documents and worksheets.

Follow the steps below to learn how to make this move:

  1. Click Settings | Personalization | Taskbar.
  2. Right-click any empty space on the Taskbar and click Taskbar Settings to open this page directly.
  3. Select one of the four options from the list.

You can also, if you like, drag your Taskbar into place, a feature, that unfortunately, most folks discover by mistake.

If you find you dislike having to hunt for a Taskbar that has inadvertently been moved, be sure to enable the Lock The Taskbar option at the top of the Settings page.

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