How To Print DVD Labels With CD/DVD Label Maker

A woman called me because she wanted to print up some DVD labels for some movies she owns. So I went online to look for a free, easy-to-use program and came across this program, CD&DVD Label Maker. At the time of this writing, it’s not bundled with any third-party software.

CD/DVD Label Maker

So once you get it downloaded and installed, run it and down the right-hand side of the program, in the Type section, click on Jewel Case.

Then click on the Select Image button. In this case, I used a downloaded image for the movie, The Mist.

Then, in the Stretch section, click on Stretch.

Then, going to the top menu, click on the Print button.

This program has a few other options if you want to experiment with them but it fills the basic needs that my client wants.

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4 thoughts on “How To Print DVD Labels With CD/DVD Label Maker”

  1. Haha. She wanted to print up some DVD Labels for some movies she owns.

    Yeah right ! Was that “owns” as in “downloaded” ?

    1. Terry Hollett

      She doesn’t have cable or anything and usually buys DVDs and even VHS movies at yard sales. I don’t know how much she is into downloading movies. I’ve bought DVDs at yard sales that didn’t come in its proper case.

  2. Maurice Fleisher

    Creating a jewel case label is fine however it is possible to buy and
    print stick-on labels for attaching to the disk face. If done carefully this should not present a problem running CD’s but DVD disks are far more critical and if they are even slightly off-centre or tending to peel off there is a risk of damage to the disk and to the player.

    1. Terry Hollett

      She wants jewel case labels and not the ones that you stick on DVDs. I’m aware of the CD/DVD labels that you can print up and stick on a disk but I would never use anything like that myself or recommend it to anyone else for the exact reasons that you mentioned.

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