How To Preview Windows 11 In Your Browser

Windows 11 is expected to start rolling out before the end of this year and many users are keen to see what the new operating system looks like. For those who do not want to go the Insider route, any sort of preview has been limited to videos, and images within articles describing the experience… until now.

Using a combination of CSS and Javascript, BlueEdge has created an open-source webpage that simulates Windows 11. As is usually the case with operating system simulations, there are a lot of limitations. Start by clicking around, and if something can be opened it will, otherwise nothing will happen. It’s far from a full-blown simulator, but you can open the Edge web browser and search the web, open File Explorer, Widgets, Microsoft Store, Search, notifications, and the Calendar. The Taskbar’s right-click menu also includes an option to align icons either to the left or centrally, which also works.

It’s not much. I finished playing with it in just a few minutes, but at least it gives you a chance to kick Windows 11’s tires.

To access the simulator visit and it will open directly in your browser (checked and working in Edge, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox).

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5 thoughts on “How To Preview Windows 11 In Your Browser”

  1. You don’t allow me to ask a question. Just give a URL to me.
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    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi Barry,

      We allow you to ask questions — that’s what we’re here for. Are you having a problem with our site?
      And what URL are you talking about?

      We are happy that you are receiving our newsletter.

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      1. I think Barry is referring to the invitation to subscribe, which pops up periodically even though I’m already a subscriber.

        Nice preview of Windows 11 though.

        1. Richard Pedersen

          Hi Tony,

          The reason a DCT reader might see the pop-up even though they are a subscriber is, cookies.


        2. To Richard and ALL. So true and often forgotten, that cookies (aka that dreaded cookie monster) if deleted by certain browser settings or cleaning programs, simply means we are new to DCT (in this example), and are treated as such. The perfect reason not to delete cookies (safeguard them) or have to deal with being treated as new visitors each time we visit. The one sad item being many might not be aware how to prevent the cookies from being removed as it might be done by a program setting, and there are many such programs which can cause this cookie removal process, which users are totally unaware how to correct, Mindblower!

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