How To Manage Marco Polo Notifications

When family lives far away you have to find ways to keep in contact. Previously, I wrote about an app called Marco Polo which I use to talk with my brother in California. Here is the article if you would like to read it How To Use Marco Polo. This app is nice when you want to send a video message and you like to look at yourself when doing it. This time I want to show you how you can manage those notifications you have been getting from this app, either by turning it off completely or adjusting which notifications you are receiving. This is easy to do so grab your phone, open that app and let me show you how this works.

How To Manage Marco Polo Notifications

Step 1: Find the app on your device and tap on it. Looks like a beach ball.


Step 2: Once in your app, look to the bottom right and tap on the gear (Settings) icon.


Step 3: On this screen, you will see the Notifications option. Tap it (third from the bottom).


Step 4: Under the Notifications screen, you have two options:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Notifications Settings


If we tap on the Do Not Disturb option you are given Mute All Notifications options. From 15 minutes to 12 hours where the app will not send you any notices. This is great for when you want the notifications but need a break from them temporarily.


Step 5: The other option is the Notifications Settings which we will tap now.


Step 6: Here is the screen that you can use to really manage those notifications. At the top you can see Show Notifications, we can toggle between Shut Down all the notices and shutting down ones Individually. To turn off all Notifications, tap the off switch to the right of Show notifications. This will turn them off altogether. Now if you wish to keep some on, leave that in the ON position and choose which type of messages you want to receive. Look through the list under New Messages and turn off what you do not want to get the notifications about.


That is how easy it is to manage these notifications in your Marco Polo app. Time to share the knowledge and make life a little easier with this app.

The Marco Polo app is available to download for both Android and iOS:

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