How To Import, Refresh Data From The Web In Excel

Have you ever had the need to update a worksheet using data that you found online? Well if you have, you can now end the agony of repeatedly navigating to the web page, copying the data and then pasting it into Excel. Now you can use a one time process to bring up-to-date information from a web page and after that update by clicking your mouse!

This process usually works well with correctly formatted HTML tables, but you can end up investing a lot of time and work into bringing free form data into your worksheet also.

Follow the steps below to import Web data using Excel:

  • From the Data tab, click on New Query and select From Web from the Other Sources list.
  • Key in or paste the URL of the page that contains the data you would like to import and refresh.
  • Use the previews generated by Excel to find the table that contains the data you want.
  • Once you find it, click Load and the data will appear in your worksheet.
  • You can later refresh your data by right-clicking in your table and selecting Refresh from the context menu.

You can use this method to quickly and easily update it in Excel without using the repetitive cut-and-paste process.

I think you will find that you save a lot of time and aggravation using this method. Let Excel do your hard work!

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  1. I recently tried to copy from a website to paste into a Word document but I found that copying was somehow blocked on that site. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the web site to try it out.

    Would this work on a web site that had copying blocked? or do you have any advice copying when it is blocked on the website.

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