How To Hide Facebook Birth Year

One of the personal items needed when creating a Facebook account is your date of birth (aka DOB). Except for younger people who want to circumvent the minimum age requirement of Facebook most enter their real information.

When viewing someone’s information, their DOB is visible. Many do not want others to know their age. However, the month and day make it possible to easily send a birthday message to friends on their day.

Here is how to hide your birth year:


Sign in to your Facebook account. If you are not at your page, click the profile picture next to your name in the title bar.


Click the About tab.


Mouse over the section to the right of the About window to expose the Edit your contact and basic info link and click it.


Scroll down to BASIC INFORMATION Birth Year and click the Edit button that appears to the right of the year.


 To the right of the lock, click the down-arrow to pull down the selection.


Select Only me and you will be the only one that can view your birth year. This does not stop Facebook from letting others know it is your birthday but it will not show them how old you are.


Click Save Changes.

Facebook now knows your birth year and you can view it on your page on the About tab, but none of your friends or anyone else on Facebook has access to it.

I hope this helps your experience on Facebook and perhaps you can pass this tip on to others.



3 thoughts on “How To Hide Facebook Birth Year”

  1. use what is described here to change the date. Instead of pulling down the year, pull down Birthday an change the month and day.

  2. This seems not to work as described in your article for the “New” Facebook late August 2020.
    Seems to have different steps?

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