How To Fix Monitors Not Going To Sleep

I have my system set up so it doesn’t sleep (disabled) but the monitor will power down after 15 minutes of inactivity. It was set up and working like this for a while now until a few nights ago and for no apparent reason, my monitors wouldn’t power down anymore.


I have a dual monitor setup and after 15 minutes they would both power down. The power indicator button used to go from green to orange. The second monitor still goes black, but my main monitor goes to the Lock screen. The power buttons both remain green. When I resumed working on my computer, I was forced to log in, which I never had to do before.

I checked online, most suggesting SFC and DISM. I tried both but no luck. So I started to click around in the settings to see if I could figure out what went wrong.

Because I was being asked to sign in, in the search bar I typed Sign-in and clicked on Sign-in options when it appeared in the start menu.

I scrolled down to the Require sign-in option that somehow got set to When PC wakes up from sleep. I clicked on it and switched it back to Never. This took care of the forced sign-in option, but my system was still powering down to the lock screen.


I did finally find a fix. Online, it was suggested to disable the lock screen, the screen that comes up before the login screen shows. The quickest way to get there is to type lock screen in search. I noticed the red line of text, You need more than one picture to show a slideshow, and the background was set to Slideshow.


I don’t know how this got changed, but setting the background back to Picture solved my problem. Just click on the word Slideshow and in the menu that opens, click on Picture. And that did it.

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