How To Download YouTube Videos With VLC

YouTube has declared war on downloading videos from its site. Most downloading programs and extensions no longer work but you can still use VLC.

You’ll need to enable the Advanced controls in the View menu then choose Advanced Controls to see the Record button.

Open VLC and in the top left-hand menu named Media— click on it, then Stream.

In the box that opens, click on the Network tab. Paste or type in the URL of the video. Go to your video on YouTube, under it click on Share. Then copy in the window that opens. Then in VLC, click in the box under Please enter a network URL and Paste. Then click on Stream.

Then in the Stream output box that opens, just click on Next.

In the Destination Setup box, I just left it on File and checked Display locally. Then click on Next.

In the Transcoding Options box, I left Activate Transcoding checked and selected the profile of Video – h.264 + MP3 (mP4) and then Next. Select Audio – MP3 if you just want a music file.

In the next Option Setup window, I just clicked on Stream.

The video should start playing. Press the Record button (red circle) and let it finish. The videos should automatically go into your Video folder.

9 thoughts on “How To Download YouTube Videos With VLC”

  1. Funny you should say “Most downloading programs and extensions no longer work …”. The latest giveaway of VideoProc is an excellent product in assisting users to grab and convert YouTube videos.
    And Terry, it is extremely nice to hear VLC is good for so many unknown extras (other that an excellent player), Mindblower!

  2. So we have to let it play its entirety? I guess if we have no choice, feels like it defeats the purpose.

    So far, I’ve been using the 4K Video Downloader that one of you guys recommended, works okay for the videos I want to see, of course I’m sure some might not make it through.

  3. Terry Hollett

    When I wrote this all my downloaders stopped working but they seem to up and running again right now. My main one, 4K, is now working again. I don’t know if Youtube did something on their site or if it was just a glitch on my system.

  4. Thank you for posting this info. I’ve filed it away for future reference, just in case. For now, the Downloader for YouTube app I found in the Windows Store still works great, with a sleeker interface and lots of options, including stripping down to MP3 format.

  5. Costumelooks

    Your webcam might have come with software to take pictures and record videos, but VLC is probably better. Not only can you choose several different types of formats for the recordings you make, you can also tweak a number of fine-grain settings as needed—possibly more than your webcam’s software would natively allow.

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