How To Download Videos From Twitter

So every now and then I like to scan through the “Twitterverse” and every now and then I come across a video I like to download. None of my downloaders seem to be capable of downloading Twitter videos. I was trying to find a program but decided to use an online service instead.

So first to Twitter, go to the video you want to save. In this case, I’m using a video posted by George Takei. It’s about a movement asking people to storm Area 51.

When you find your video, right-click on it and click on Copy Video Address.


Then go to a site like GetMyTweet and in the bar that says Enter the Tweet URL, right-click and paste. Now click on the Blue Download button.

Then you’ll be taken to a page with a few download links. Just right-click on the video you want to download– the larger size usually indicates better quality.

So right-click and look for an option like my example using Opera– Save linked content as…


Choose a name and folder where you want to save it on your hard drive. If you just click on the link, in this case, it opens the video in a new tab and starts automatically playing it. You can still save it at this point by right-clicking on the video and look for an option similar to Save video as… (as Opera lists it)


I tried a few of these sites and they basically seem to operate the same way. So, what’s your favourite site or program for downloading Twitter videos? List them in the comments.

By the way, that video address is

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