How To Cancel Preapproved Payments In PayPal

Subscription Service

I’m assuming that you have a PayPal account and know how to make payments. But what if you pay for a subscription service that deducts a set amount from your account every month. I subscribe to a service where I pay every three months and get a notice from PayPal saying I can change or cancel at any time. I might want to eventually cancel it, but wasn’t sure at first what to do, until I did some digging around.

Disable Pre-approved Payment

First, Log In to PayPal. In the top right-hand corner, click on the round Gear symbol.

On the next page that comes up, on top blue menu, click on the word PAYMENTS.

On the next page you’ll see a box entitled Preapproved payments. Click on the blue letters, Manage Preapproved Payments.

You’ll get a list of all your services. In the table, under Merchant, in blue letters will be the name of the company you authorized to take your money.

Click on that and you’ll get taken to a more detailed report on that particular business transaction. Towards the top, under Subscription details, you’ll see the word Cancel. Click on that and Confirm when prompted.

That’s it! Payment canceled.

5 thoughts on “How To Cancel Preapproved Payments In PayPal”

  1. Thanks Terry for sharing this tip. Anyone who purchases online can get sucked into this type of process and it’s refreshing to find the tricks of undoing ones mess, Mindblower!

    1. In my case I was aware what I was purchasing. But I wasn’t sure how to cancel when I was ready. I found some instructions online but PayPal changed their interface since then so these instructions are current to date.

  2. This automated feature, which was difficult to disable, prompted me to cancel my PayPal account. I plan never to use PayPal again. PayPal is not your friend.

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