How to Add Cross-References to Footnotes in Word 2013

In Academia there are often very lengthy documents that have myriad footnotes and they sometimes necessitate cross-referencing. This often occurs in technological business manuals as well. The issue here is that when you use automatic footnote numbering the cross-references can be a burden if you have to update them manually.

Fortunately, Word allows you to automatically cross-reference footnotes so that your cross-references once set, always stay in place correctly.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Select the footnote reference mark that you would like to cross-reference in your document.

footnote mark

  1. Assign this footnote reference mark a bookmark name by clicking on the Insert tab of your Ribbon and in the Links group, click on Bookmark.

bookmark name

  1. Place your cursor in the footnotes where you want to place the cross-reference.
  2. Click CTRL + F9 to insert field brackets. Be certain your cursor stays between the brackets.
  3. Key in ftnref followed by the name of the bookmark used above.
  4. Click F9 to update the field information.

Word will replace the field with the footnote number to which your bookmark was assigned.

footnote assigned to bookmark

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