How My iPhone Lasts All Day

Like most iPhone users, I’ve struggled to find the right settings to keep my battery from dying halfway through the day. Recently, my phone was dying and I had no way to charge it. Per the much-repeated suggestions, I turned off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (since there was none available where I was at), Location Services and background app refreshes. I also turned ‘Push’ off for my email and set the ‘Fetch’ refresh frequency to ‘Manually.’

Disaster (or at least angst) was averted since these steps helped my battery to last until I got home. I undid all of the settings above except for the email settings. With eight email accounts, I decided I didn’t have to know the instant that I got a new email so I didn’t turn ‘Push’ back on and kept the fresh frequency to manual. An amazing thing happened! My iPhone lasted throughout the workday and still had around 30% of its battery left by the time I got home. It has been consistently doing this for well over a month now.

I thought that maybe my situation was an anomaly since I have so many email accounts. I suggested that my husband try it on his iPhone. With only two email accounts, he also saw a similar improvement in battery life.  We both have an iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1 which was recently updated to 7.1.1.

So, if you are not anxiously awaiting your next email and can wait for it until you check your email, you might want to consider trying these email settings to see if you see a similar improvement.   Email settings can be found in the Settings app (Mail, Contacts, Calendars –> Fetch New Data).


3 thoughts on “How My iPhone Lasts All Day”

  1. Judy, I’ll try some of those tricks with my Galaxy S3 and see if they work as I’m lucky to have the battery last more than 24 hours.
    That is of course if Android manages its power in a similar fashion.

  2. Jon Digby-Lord on Facebook

    I solved the problem by using a small gadget with 3 AA rechargeable batteries connected to my Galaxy S4 Active ‘phone.

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