Google’s App Installation Optimization For Android

Google’s App Install Optimization

Recently, I have been getting a lot of apps appearing on my phone. After a little research, I noticed that Google’s App Install and Optimization Tool was set to on and it is the furthest thing from an optimization tool “for the user” as you can get.

Basically, The App Install Optimization by Google is quoted by Google,

 “Google Play makes apps faster to install open and run based on what people are using most. The first time you open an app after installing, Google notes which parts of the app you use. When enough people do this, your apps will install faster. App install optimization is automatically turned on, but you can turn it off in Settings.”

This optimization tool certainly optimizes Google’s ability to dump unwanted apps onto your phone and it does so unapologetically.

When it Happens

When you are playing your game and the game’s ad pops up, you patiently wait until it allows you to shut it down and rejoin your game. However, with this new feature, if you accidentally miss the X to shut the game down and it is an “Instant Load” game, it incorrectly assumes you must want it on your phone and puts it there without notification of any kind. If they did put this on my phone’s screen, I missed it.

Personally, I find this intrusive. Hey Google, my apps open fast enough. I don’t need your unasked-for help and automatically installing this App Install Optimization with a default “ON” speaks volumes on what it means to you, not us.

OK, they say that no personal data is collected or shared and that only data in the app ‘not apps, elsewhere on your phone” and that might be true, but I don’t even want Google to know what part of a game I access first or most frequently. I know in my heart, that it will be used against me and millions of other people.

The Trade-Off

If Google is to be believed, the tradeoff for these intrusions is to change the way things have been or choose to keep this new app open and it will:

  • Speed up installation for apps from Google Play
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to open and run apps
  • Reduce strain on your device’s CPU, battery, and storage

No Thanks, If you are experiencing these issues and I don’t know which modern phone is, then give it a try. If you are like me, I want it turned off and more than that, I want Google to always introduce apps set with an auto OFF feature so I can turn it on if I wish instead of being blindsided by an auto ON app.

Removing it from an Android Phone (Note: I am using Samsung 10 Note+) but believe it will apply to most Android phones:

  1. Open Play Store on your phone. and Tap your account profile picture (might be your initial) in the top right corner of the app.
  2. On the next screen, select Settings
  3. Then Select General
  4. Then turn “App Install Optimization” off (shown in step 4a)  then close the settings window.


I am sure everyone has a different view on Google’s intrusion into your computer and phone but frankly, the less the better from my viewpoint. Regardless of the feature improvement, it should be automatically set to default in the OFF position and I feel that puts me in the driver seat, not Google.

3 thoughts on “Google’s App Installation Optimization For Android”

  1. Yes, thank you. I also just turned it off on my Pixel. I appreciate you crystal clear instructions. I also note this part of the description: “making apps faster to install, open, and run FOR EVERONE ON PLAY. (Emphasis mine.) Yep, I too know in my heart that it will be used, probably against me. If Google ever abided by their initial value of “Do no evil”, they either redefined evil or forgot the value.

  2. Kathy Homziak

    Read your article, however I have a Samsung 7Edge cell and my menu does not include App Install Optimization as a choice.
    Have a good day.
    Thank you kindly,

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