Facebook: Temporarily Blocked Because You’re Going Too Fast

Yesterday I had a guy bring me his computer because he had an issue with Facebook. He was getting a message that “A feature was temporarily blocked because he was using it too fast”.

He could only scroll down through a few posts on his wall and he would get a popup message claiming “It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast.” Was he scrolling down through his post too fast? If you are going to block an account, Facebook, at least give a more detailed message on what was actually done wrong.

Facebook Blocked Message

Even with the block, he still had some limited use of the site, like Messenger. In this case, I could scroll down through a few posts until he got to an error message claiming that something went wrong, click on the reload/refresh page button, which only brought up the blocked feature message.

A number of people have had this happen to them according to an online search. Apparently, any activities done repeatedly in quick succession get flagged. Facebook AI thinks you are a spammer or a robot. Because a robot is trying to determine if you are human or not.

Other people online seem to have had the same issue. Sometimes the block lasts a few hours, sometimes a couple of days. There is a feedback option but it’s hard to defend yourself when you don’t know what you did. I just left the message, “I don’t know what I did.”

Luckily the block is gone this morning. I can’t tell the owner not what to do because neither one of us knows what he did wrong. Thank You, Facebook.

I was going to take screenshots this morning but the problem seems to have been cleared up. If you get this blocked account message, click on any button or option that allows appealing the decision, but otherwise there is nothing else you can do but wait until Facebook unblocks you.

I know Daves Computer Tips is still dealing with its Facebook issues. So have you been blocked, banned, or locked out from Facebook? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Facebook: Temporarily Blocked Because You’re Going Too Fast”

    1. I simply avoid FB altogether by going directly to the website.
      What is the harm in that and why don’t people do it all the time?
      Why put more and more layers between you and what you are reading?

  1. I have that same issue with Messenger itself on a website I visit regularly.
    If I reply too quickly or scroll back through previous messages too fast it adds a pause when I try to continue typing or attempt to click ‘Send’.
    It pauses everything for a good 10secs, then the cursor becomes active again until I make another fast move.
    Very frustrating. My thinking has been that it wants the ads to have more air-time.
    Maybe if I was not a free member, I probably would not have the issue.

  2. Charles David Hadden

    I get that multiple times a day. When you share as many as 10,000 posts a month the fairies at FB can’t handle it. that and it just adds one more toll for them to silence you.

  3. Terry – I have another Facebook issue that I’ve had many people ask me about – when you go to type a comment in Facebook on a post – the screen jumps up and you have to scroll back up to continue your comment – seems to do it when you use the shift key, the back key, but sometimes just when you start typing – only happens on Facebook – any ideas?

    1. One of the first things I recommend when people have Facebook issues is to clear out the cache or temporary internet files. Another problem could be extensions installed. Try disabling all of your extensions and see if it makes any difference. Resetting your browser and/or trying a different browser are other options.

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