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I have been liking and sharing davescomputertips.com posts for a while now and suddenly I get a notice from Facebook claiming it is Spam. The email just said, ”Your post goes against our Community Standards so only you can see it. See options.” and there is a View On Facebook button. So I click on it and log in.

Login goes to this page.

I clicked on See Options.

Then I get the message: Your post goes against our Community Standards on spam. Click Continue.

Then, How we make decisions. Click Continue.

Then, Our standards on spam. Click Continue.

Then, What would you like to do?

I clicked on Request Review and then Continue.

Then, Review requested and Close.

There is nothing else I can do after that. Just wait. I thought someone might have reported my shares as Spam but it seems it might be a bug in Facebook’s anti-spam filters. Read here:

A Bug In Facebooks Ant-Spam Filter Misclassified Posts As Spam

8 thoughts on “Facebook Post Marked As Spam”

  1. Terry. It must be an AI you are speaking with, most likely the same in a series which marked your upload as Spam. I wish you luck, Mindblower!

  2. Paul Jenkins


    Think it was a bug. I got a couple of the same messages about SPAM from Facebook, after posting a couple of articles from the BBC(!) about the Coronavirus…!

    they later messaged me back & apologised that they ‘got it wrong’… 🙂


    1. I was exactly in the same situation. After a few days, FB remade my post public.

  3. Remember, AIs aren’t really intelligent. They’re just programs like all the rest.

  4. Hi Terry,

    I have had several instances of Facebook blocking some of my posts to interstate friends, the problem is caused by Facebook’s robot never having been taught correct English words and prose as used in Australia.
    A shag on a rock is a seabird next to the ocean, for instance.

    If Al drove my car, confusion would reign supreme if I said, “Chuck a lefty at the next intersection.”

    1. Sounds perfectly logical to me!!!! About like using the Arkansas dialect for direction!!!!

  5. I’ve been in that spot SEVERAL TIMES .. just for sharing, for example, information about how well my rooftop solar system saves me BIG bucks on my monthly electric bill, to trying to sell something I bought that’s still new in the box, but that I no longer need, or even trying to sell my Ford Focus in the Marketplace. Apparently, their AI is severely buggy and their “review staff” is severely understaffed as it took 11 months for them to get around to reviewing my “for sale” item that just happened to be a Tyvek RV cover (NIB). Hell, I could have given birth, and been back to work in that amount of time.

  6. I had the same problem when posting a story from NBC News!!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!

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