Facebook Continues To Ban Dave’s Computer Tips

DCT Is Raising Its Collective Voice

There’s an old saying, “He who shouts loudest has the least to say…”.

You only need to glance at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other soapboxes to understand that. However, there are exceptions and the Internet is a two-edged sword, where shouting out your displeasure at injustice is the last and only recourse. It’s a week since Facebook banned Dave’s Computer Tips’ URLs and believe me if you thought a week in politics was a long time, it’s even longer in Internet land. We have short memories and what you shared five minutes ago is probably long forgotten by now, never mind what you posted yesterday. This is why the team at DCT is collectively making every effort in the most diplomatic manner to have this decision reversed.

However, knowing how huge corporations operate today, we realise that our voice may well be a whimper, drowned out by the general Internet clamour, and furthermore, may well not even be noticed by a human being on Facebook, so it’s an uphill task.

DCT Is Also Banned On Instagram

This is because Facebook owns Instagram and clearly the parent company policies carry over, which is equally damaging for DCT because Instagram is now more widely used by the younger generation than Facebook, which they now see as old-fashioned, dated, and geared towards baby-boomers.

In my article last week, Facebook Bans Links To Dave’s Computer Tips, many readers commented on this bizarre situation, for which we are very grateful. However, it must be said that social media, love it or loathe it, is a major vehicle for promoting your online presence, and generally speaking, it’s free of charge, so it can’t be sniffed at.

It’s all very well suggesting that we ditch all the so-called data collectors who sell your details to advertising companies, but the reality is that this is the world in which we now live, and DCT, like so many other tech entities, has to have a prominent presence across all social media. In the main, we write about tech, we give our opinions and sometimes we veer off-topic into social issues. But that is our prerogative and we believe that the discerning readers of DCT appreciate the variation in tone.

Facebook Uses Technology To Remove Content

I lifted this from Meta’s transparency center:

Our technology proactively detects and removes the vast majority of violating content before anyone reports it

We remove millions of violating posts and accounts every day on the Facebook app and Instagram. Most of this happens automatically, with technology working behind the scenes to remove violating content – often before anyone sees it. Other times, our technology will detect potentially violating content but send it to review teams to check and take action on it.

This work is never finished. People will keep trying to evade our technology, so we need to keep improving.

“Most of this happens automatically…” this in itself is a worrying statement because clearly no human is involved in the takedown and Meta’s suggestion that they need to keep improving needs no further explanation from me, except that for technology, read cold, stark algorithm.

You’ll also notice keywords used both in this statement and others by Facebook’s own warnings – violate and abusive, words associated with rape and physical violence against the defenseless. Very strong words indeed and specifically placed to make you shudder and perhaps grovel at the notion of being found guilty even before the trial had begun.

When we have further information to impart, you can be sure that you’ll read it first here on Dave’s Computer Tips.

13 thoughts on “Facebook Continues To Ban Dave’s Computer Tips”

  1. Annoying , but you still have Youtube to promote your wares and commercials. Let’s just hope all of this doesn’t raise eyebrows and cause disturbances from those with much more power than Daves Computer Tips. All the best on that!
    If all else fails then please consider a subscription plan? A small annual fee would be a better alternative to that of digital extinction!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Colin, however the advertisement model is what we use at the moment.
      Naturally, if any developments occur, we’ll inform our readers immediately.

  2. Well there were at least two thoughts but it seems mine was banned by DCT whilst complaining about being banned itself.

    Poor Show DCT !!!

    1. Hey Reg,

      I apologise unreservedly for your missing comments. Your comments were not banned. Unfortunately, we experienced issues with our commenting system whereby quite a few comments went missing… including yours, apparently.

      We do not ban comments on DCT, the only exceptions are comments which are rude, abusive, or offensive.

      The issue with the commenting system has now been rectified so if you would like to resubmit your missing comments I can assure you they will now go through.

      Again, I cannot apologise enough. Please reconsider your position, you are a long time and valued DCT follower and we do not want to lose your support.

      1. No worries and thanks for explaining Jim. I take back everything unreservedly 🙂

  3. Peter Thompson

    I find it interesting that this ban seems to have happened when talking about wokeness in media and the world in general.

    I will admit, I don’t agree with everything DCT has posted in regards to this. I’m not a fan of the word Woke to be honest, as I think it’s overused to the point, people just use it to say something is crap without actually explaining why.

    But we should at the same time be able to have a polite conversation about these things and that is the main thing that concerns me. People talk about freedom of speech a lot, but then want things removed, people banned etc. when they hear something they disagree with. The internet should be about sharing different opinions and as long as they are done in a responsible way, and don’t use things like violence, then I don’t see the issue. The world would be boring if everyone agreed with everyone.

    It also brings an interesting debate – A lot of businesses have the right to refuse service without giving any reason – is this the same for websites. Let’s say I create a forum or some kind of site where others can communicate, a free one. Obviously those entering would be expected to follow the rules, but if I disagreed with a user, as it was basically my site, my shop, could I then remove them, without any reason.

    I’m not saying that Facebook and the likes should be able to do this – but I have seen this debate before. I used to run a channel on Disqus, and eventually all Channels where removed, and many users felt abandoned, as they didn’t bother speaking to anyone, just made the decision, and for a while had ignored any feedback, suggestions. It seemed to some there was a feeling that it was their site, so we had to obey, we had no say etc.

    Finally I think it doesn’t help, as you previously mentioned, when the rules are very vague. I know it’s a hot topic, but there’s lots of stuff on Facebook about Vax/Anti Vax – And the question is should Facebook pick a side, or allow both to have a say as long as it is honest i.e. not using dangerous misleading information and also not using anything violent and abusive. Because if the answer is the second one, then why should it be okay for that and not other things.

    I don’t think there is really an easy answer sadly.

    1. Hey Peter,

      I couldn’t agree more. There are topics that often elicit diverse points of view and I believe that everyone has the right to express their own opinion provided it is done in a civil and respectful manner.

      As far as websites go; they have complete control over what comments they allow or disallow. I know of many websites that curate comments so only positive comments are displayed and anything negative, critical, or contrary is immediately banished to oblivion. Bordering on unethical, in my opinion, but it is their website and their call.

      The most frustrating aspect of our Facebook ban is the complete lack of any channels of communication. We are unable to seek clarification, defend ourselves, or discuss a solution. We have no recourse but to sit back and trust that sanity prevails.

  4. I have never used FakeBook or instagram & from what I have read about them both never will! I was way ahead on their lack of privacy initiatives from the get go. Of course I have not used anything Google for over 15 yrs. And now, I certainly don’t believe in the absurd on line regulatory nightmare and attempt by some fascist corporations to regulate content, under any circumstances. All Americans need to wake up and get out of their fog. There are ALWAYS alt sites and I’ve found the alts are better nine times out of ten. Boom Bust or an open source social media site like Minds, diaspora, etc. If I could have left M/S O/S yrs and yrs ago I would have, they are no better. I want to go to Linux when I find the right tech people to assist w any glitches.

    This DCT has been a real life save for me. I am non techie. I have read at least 5-6 things that have helped me in major ways since I ran across this site & subscribed. it has been a godsend. The right articles that I need just appear. I meant to write before this a glowing report on how valuable this service is to me.

    Down w CENSORSHIP a blight and cause for concern of every American, or should be. Long live Daves Computer Tips!

    1. Richard Pedersen

      Hi Cassandra,

      Thank you for your kind words. Comments such as these make our day!

  5. Facebook’s so call algorithm, when written, was biased by the person writing it. It should have been peer reviewed and reviewed by a committee of random people. Otherwise that piece of software is not going to be fair to everyone.
    In this country it used to be if you didn’t like a comment about something you could post a comment saying that you didn’t like like it or just delete it. Lately this country has degenerated into a nation of almost complete intol3erance. So sad. You can’t have a discussion about anything anymore with out somebody complaining about it.

    1. J. Odom
      I think it’s the same the world over, not just the USA. The easily offended are taking over the world, unfortunately.

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