Easily Prevent Unwanted Email

Easily prevent unwanted email with this terrific temporary email service, Mailmask

Spam and unwanted emails are the banes of all users. You know the story– you sign up for some seemingly innocent account and the next thing your inbox is bombarded with spam type emails. Sometimes the ”unsubscribe” button will work but often does not. It’s one of the main reasons temporary email services have gained in popularity. While most of these services tend to provide temporary email addresses that expire within a certain amount of time, such as 10 Minute Mail, for example, Mailmask temporary email service works in a slightly different but equally effective way.

Mailmask Explained

Mailmask is a free browser-based online service where you can create an unlimited number of temporary email addresses (aka aliases) that forward to your real email address and don’t expire until you choose to disable them. One of the primary purposes of Mailmask is to keep your real email address private so it can’t be scraped by or sold on to spammers.

All emails sent to your Mailmask email address are forwarded to your regular inbox so you don’t need to be checking back on the temporary email site. It also means that you do not have to sign up for an account with Mailmask, simply providing a genuine email address to which the emails can be forwarded is sufficient.

  • Instantly create aliases that don’t expire
  • Turn aliases on or off whenever you want
  • Stop spam with one click
  • Keep your real email address private
  • Open source, can be self-hosted
  • Supports all email types and attachments
  • Create aliases as you type, no software required
  • No emails are stored

A free account includes up to 10 MB maximum data usage per month — regular emails (minus attachment) average out at around 60- 70 KB which equates to roughly 150 emails per month — so the free account should be ample for most users. Getting started with Mailmask is simple:

  1. Provide your real email address
  2. Enter the verification code in the email sent to your email address
  3. Create a user name and you’re ready to start using Mailmask

Log in to Mailmask using your email address, no account or password required. If you log in from a different device, a new code will be sent to your real email address for verification.


Mailmask has an easy-to-use, minimal interface that’s mobile-friendly. The free plan should be ample for most users and the ability to manage aliases is a big plus. As I mentioned earlier, Mailmask is perfect for keeping your real email address private and safe from potential spammers as well as to use for signing up for something when you don’t want to provide your real email address. Temporary email addresses are nigh on a necessity in this day and age and Mailmask’s flexibility makes it an excellent option. Well worth checking out.


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