How To Use Bye Bye (Human) Camera

Have you ever been in a place where the picture would be perfect except for that person in the way? You know what I mean. The mountains are off in the distance and it would be a perfect scene to snap a picture of but someone is in the picture. You could ask them to move but someone else might just take their place. Now there is a way. It is called ByeByeCamera and can be found in your phone’s App Store/Play Store.

I took this picture with my cell phone of Sherri walking our little dog, Lady. 

Then I took the same picture with Bye Bye and it detected a human in the way– Sherri. Notice it did not remove Lady.

I even tried taking a picture of a picture on my screen. Wow. It removed the human, too. So if you have any old pictures that would be better without that human in the middle, snap it with Bye Bye and they will be gone!

I will be using this often but not to remove Sherri (LOL). Hope it works for you as well.




12 thoughts on “How To Use Bye Bye (Human) Camera”

  1. Not quite perfect, half umbrela in left hand still there, Part of white object in right hand still there and tree that was behind here head still there (with no lower trunk). And the smudgy grass where she was standing. These type of programs work best when they are removing a small object where surrounding can be easily bleed in without noticing.

  2. You are correct, John. the removal of the “human” is not perfect and I cannot see how it could ever be. It does a pretty good job for me and the price is right.

  3. Just an FYI, I didn’t see anyplace to email this so I’m posting here. Comments are not showing up on your site.

  4. Another great find. Can’t wait to try it out. Sure it’s not perfect but can mean the difference between a photo being usable or not. Thanks!

  5. Whoops, spoke too soon. Not for Android! Please tell me I’m wrong and where to find it.

      1. Don’t trust any application you can’t find on the Google Play store. Side loading apps can be dangerous!

  6. As an artist often using photo references for paintings, this is helpful. Will save a step before tweaking in Photoshop and the clone tool will take care of the rest. Thanks for the heads up!

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