DCT Giveaways: Important Announcement – please read!

*UPDATE (2nd October, 2012):

After further consideration it has been decided to continue notifying winners by email. However, instead of sending out individual emails to each winner we shall be sending just one generic notification email to all winners. Winners will still be required to fill out and submit the contact form in order to claim their licenses.


Hi Guys and Gals,

We have been experiencing issues with our current system for distributing licenses won through DCT Giveaways. Even though we publish a list of all winning usernames plus send out individual notification emails to winners at email addresses supplied, we are not receiving responses from many of those concerned. This is creating unnecessary work, as follow up emails need to be sent out and winning names often need to be re-drawn – which, of course, means we then have to go through the notification process all over again. Plus, we would prefer if all original winners received their due licenses – to this end we have decided to trial a new system:

A list of the winners’ names will still be appended to the original giveaway article after the draw has been made (as per usual) but, from here on in, a contact form will also be included:

Winners will now be required to fill out that form and then click on the Send button in order to claim their licenses. So, you will need to keep an eye on the original DCT Giveaway article and check back to see if your name comes out in the draw.

Information relating to the new system will be included under the ‘Competition Rules’ and, for the next few giveaways, a link to this Important Announcement will also be included.

Unlike most sites, we have refrained totally from insisting on interaction with social sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a condition of entry for our Giveaways, and we plan to maintain that stance. However, if the situation continues where winners are not claiming their licenses, we may need to reconsider. We are hopeful this new system for claiming licenses will achieve the desired result and help simplify things all round – the trial period is set to continue until further notice.

We thank you all for your continued support.

14 thoughts on “DCT Giveaways: Important Announcement – please read!”

  1. Wulfing von Schleinitz

    Will winners still be notified of their win through an email, as having to check the original DCT Giveaway article to see if one has won is going to be a pain?

    1. No, winners will no longer be notified by email.

      All you need do is bookmark the giveaway page, or add it to your favorites, and then click on that link when the contest has ended to see if you are a winner. Surely that’s not too much trouble.

      Unfortunately, winners are just not responding to the email notifications so we are really left with no other choice.

      Cheers… Jim

  2. emlyn williams

    Hi Jim, Can’t see anything wrong with the new system and if it makes life that little bit easier for you bring it on. Please don’t using Facebook I dislike that program.


    1. Hi Emlyn – Thanks mate. Sending out notification emails is still the preferred method but as I said, winners are not responding to the emails and the whole system then becomes convoluted and very time consuming.

      We are definitely not planning on using Facebook or Twitter at this stage.

      Cheers… Jim

  3. Thomas Jeanne

    Bravo on not fooling with Facebook or Twitter.Both have big time privacy issues.

  4. I totally understand the need for the changes, however I am upset that you have to do it. Shame on those who have abused the privilege of winning, causing you to make this change. Given the reasons, I am all for it. And I am impressed that you will not use FB & Twitter in your contests. Good on ya!

  5. Well if I am lucky enough to win something this is no problem, nice giveaways by the way..

  6. Jim

    I like this new option

    this will keep a check on all those participants who never happen to use the license, and deprive others of the required software.

    Have a nice day/weekend.


  7. Mohammad Wasiullah

    I like this new option for special people who will win giveaway for only few people can use this (winners)
    Thanks Jim

  8. I1d like to test two very interesting novelty features “Capture bar ” and “Video capturing”. I would be happy if they work in a proper way as announced. And of course a very necesarry “One-click web-uploads” feature. It`s interesting to test how comfortable is workin with it.

  9. Henry Ciesla

    Well Jim I won one of the CollageIt Pro licenses. I have many plans to use it – I do Nature Photography for a DEC preserve site – volunteer.

    Many thanks to you & all at Daves for this and everything else you folks do for us.

    Hank Ciesla

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