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There are plenty of services available which will allow you to convert documents online, there are others which allow you to store your documents in the cloud, and still others which allow you to transfer and share your documents online, but there are very few which combine all those elements into a singular all-in-one service.

Enter CometDocs, which started out in 2009 purely as an online document conversion service but has since expanded to include storage, transfer and sharing into a one-stop online facility. CometDocs follows a common “Freemium” model, offering a limited free service as well as subscription based Premium plans. However, I believe the free service would be suitable for most home/casual users… here is a comparison chart which details the free service’s limitations:

cometdocs comparison chart

Considering the average document saved on my hard drive weighs in at around 100KB, with many as small as 20-40KB, the 1GB storage capacity seems pretty generous, and the 100MB maximum file size more than adequate.

Using CometDocs is simplicity personified. Sign up for free account, or log-in with your social media account (Google, Facebook, Live) , and you are ready to start uploading, converting, sharing, transferring, and storing your documents.

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CometDocs includes a comprehensive FAQ section which answers many questions pertaining to the service, privacy elements, etc. Just visit CometDocs here: , scroll down the page and click on the “FAQ” tab.

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