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  • Unleash the Power of Pinterest

    When you talk about Social Media most people immediately think Facebook. However, there are so many other platforms out there and it is not a one size fits all world. Facebook is #1 for me & Pinterest is #2 for my go to sites. I use other Social Media sites but do not frequent them […]

  • 2015: The Bizarre & the Brainless

    Technology and stupidity do not make for a good a good mix in the criminal world. Here are some of the most bizarre and stupidest incidents during 2015. Man Busted for Killing His Computer April, 2015 – It’s possibly something many of us have felt like doing but never carried through. Following an incessant and […]

  • Setting up a Pinterest Account

    So you are thinking of opening a Pinterest Account. Well let me be the first to congratulate you and welcome you to the Pinterest Family. It would not be fair of me though to not add a Disclaimer: WARNING Beware as Pinterest can be highly addictive and has been known to cause insomnia or obsessive […]

  • Fixing Common Facebook Issues

    Corrupted Facebook Page Just recently I had to help fix a Windows 8 laptop that had two problems. One; there was no wireless connections, I ended up having to reinstall the wireless drivers to get that issue fixed. In this case I just went to the Device Manager then found the wireless adapter listing, right-clicked […]

  • How Is Social Media Influencing Elections?

    The Facebook effect Barack Obama’s 2008 race for the White House is often described as “The Facebook Election”, such was his impact on Americans under the age of 25. The current US election race, albeit still in the presidential nomination stages, displays a yet more voracious appetite for social media because, let’s face it, seven […]

  • Social Media in times of crisis

    Harmful or Helpful? It would depend who you ask as to what the response is. There is a place for it though in today’s world. Emergency managers often use social media in times of crisis so they can communicate quickly and effectively. I have a friend who lives in Bakersfield CA. She is a Red […]

  • Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

    Be positive, Be polite, Be inspiring When it comes to Social Media some people post things that really make you scratch your head and say Hmmmm… what were they thinking when they posted this?  I have discovered many people do not think at all. Thru Social Media you can virtually be anyone you want to […]