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    Windows 10 Quick Tips – Secret Blocker

    Crapware We’ve all been there. You find a great little utility on the internet that you can’t live without. You eagerly download it and begin the installation, and what’s this? It wants to also install a copy of Sammy Smith’s Super-sassy Sim demonstration? Or maybe it’s a McAfee browser extension? Well, whatever it is, you […]

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    How To Add Page Numbers – OpenOffice

    Headers And Page Numbers Headers are “information (such as a page number) printed or placed at the top of each page of a document”, according to Merriam-Webster. A Footer would be placed at the bottom of the page. I have a six-page document in OpenOffice and want the pages numbered. The first thing to do […]

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    How To Add A Device To Hulu

    I’m really a big fan of Hulu right now and having a large family has made this service a life saver for me. Two to three months ago I decided to sign up and save myself some money. Since then I have learned how to use many of their settings and features and I have […]

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    How To Change Column Width In Word

    There are many uses for columns in Word, like newsletters, newspapers, catalogs, etc.  A lot of people are fearful of using them and that is because they do not know how to use them. I encourage you to become familiar with this feature. Column Widths Once you have added columns to your document, you might […]

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    Windows 10 Quick Tips – Netflix Speed Test

    Internet Throughput Since the loss of Net Neutrality it has become more important than ever to monitor the behavior of our Internet Service Providers (ISP). There are already reported instances of devious mechanisms being employed by these services in order to increase their ever-increasing bottom line. The ridiculous data cap system immediately comes to mind. […]

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    Windows 10 Quick Tips – SmartScreen

    SmartScreen Included with the Windows operating system since at least Windows 7, if you use Internet Explorer or MS Edge, you may have seen it in action when you try to visit a suspicious web site, or try to download a file that Microsoft deems to be a tad “off”. Microsoft keeps servers solely dedicated […]

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    How To Change Your NetFlix Profile Image

    If you haven’t noticed, Netflix has expanded their inventory of profile images, or as they like to call them, “Icons”. When I first started using this service I only had a few choices for my profile image. If you know me, this makes me very sad since I love to customize everything or at least […]

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    How To Create A Playlist In VLC

    When I have a bunch of videos that I want to play, I usually play them one by one in my download folder, opening the video to watch it, then close it and repeat for each of the other videos I want to watch. But there is a way to automate this by creating a […]