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  • Layman’s Tech: Power Supply Units

    Power Supply Units (PSUs) are probably the most undervalued component in a desktop PC. In anatomical terms, a PSU supplies the lifeblood for the PC. Without it, a computer is just an inert box full of plastic and metal. The power supply unit is critical because it supplies electrical power to every other component in […]

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    Layman’s Tech: Solid State Drives

    Remember the bad old days when we used to go make a cup of coffee while waiting for the PC to boot up? Over the years things have improved dramatically with the introduction of faster and better dual and quad core processors, faster and better RAM (and lots more of it), but the traditional hard […]

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    Smoldering Radeons: Crimson GPU Drivers Cause Overheating

    With some fanfare, technology company AMD, maker of popular computer graphics cards, processors and other computer components, announced a new driver software and a new name for their video drivers, replacing the Catalyst drivers that have driven their graphics cards for many years. The new drivers, named Crimson, were announced a little over a month […]

  • The $5 Computer: Raspberry PI Zero

    My, my me oh my, we all love Pie, right now my favorite is Raspberry. The song refers to the editable and tastier types of Pie but I am also a fan and would not mind singing the praises of the new Raspberry Pi Zero or any of the Raspberry models in general. Raspberry Pi Foundation The […]

  • Dell PCs Ship with Huge Security Hole, à la Superfish

    Following close on the heels of the Lenovo “Superfish” debacle comes news of yet another major manufacturer embroiled in similar security controversy, this time it’s the US-based Dell. As part of an enhanced support tool, Dell installed a self-signed root certificate (eDellRoot) and corresponding private key on its computers, apparently blissfully unaware that this exposes […]

  • Computer Specs: What the DCT Team Uses & Why

    A few weeks ago we published an article describing what sort of security arrangements are being utilized by the DCT Team, catch up that article here: PC Security: What does the DCT Team Use? This time, we’ve asked them to tell us about their own personal computers, what they use and why: Sherri “Social” Meinke […]

  • How to Water Cool Your PC

    Does the idea of pouring water into your PC leave you trembling with anxiety? After all, water, shiny components and sparkly volts don’t exactly co-exist happily do they? Water is rather wet, seems to leak at the first opportunity and always finds the path of least resistance. But then you realise that you’ve got a […]

  • PC Trials and Tribulations

    I’m not even sure you want to hear about my own personal PC trials and tribulations, you probably go through enough of your own. However, I’m going to relate this tale anyway, simply because I want to and can. And, you never know, someone just may learn something along the way. Disasters always seem to […]