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  • Geek Fact for December 24th

    In 1893, 
Henry Ford completed the construction of his first usable gas motor. At the time, Henry Ford was the chief steam engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company. Learn more at

  • Geek Fact for December 23rd

    In 2008, Distribution Video Audio, Inc. shipped its final truckload of VHS tapes, marking the end of the VHS format. In the era of the VCR, JVC’s VHS format was much more popular than rival Sony’s Betamax format. Learn more at

  • Geek Fact for December 22nd

    In 1882
, the first string of Christmas tree lights was created by Edward H. Johnson. Edward H. Johnson was an associate of Thomas Edison.  By 1900, department stores started to use Christmas tree lights for their Christmas displays. Learn more at

  • Geek Fact for December 21st

    In 1968, Apollo 8 was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The crew of Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and William Anders were the first people to ever leave the gravitational influence of the Earth and orbit another celestial body, the Moon. Learn more at

  • Geek Fact for December 20th

    In 1938, Vladimir Zworykin received a patent for the Iconoscope. The Iconoscope was the first television camera tube to see widespread use. Learn more at

  • Geek Fact for December 19th

    In 1974, The Altair 8800 microcomputer kit went on sale in the U.S. as a do-it-yourself computer kit. Sold by Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS), the Altair used switches for input, indicator lights as a display and was powered by a 2MHz Intel 8080A microprocessor. It sold for $397 as a kit or $595 […]

  • Geek Fact for December 18th

    In 1987, 
Larry Wall released the first version of Perl. Perl stands for Practical Extraction And Reporting Language. Working at NASA, Larry Wall designed it to serve as a general purpose Unix scripting language. Learn more at

  • Geek Fact for December 17th

    In 1976
, local independent television station WTCG in Atlanta was broadcast nationally via the Satcom 1 satellite, becoming the first “superstation”. The station was purchased by Ted Turner in 1970. In 1979, its call letters were changed to WTBS. Learn more at

  • Geek Fact for December 16th

    In 1915, Albert Einstein published his “General Theory of Relativity.” The General Theory of Relativity would become a keystone of modern quantum mathematics and physics. Learn more at

  • Geek Fact for December 15th

    In 1965, Gemini 6 was launched and made the first rendezvous in space (with Gemini 7). This also marked the first time that four people were in space at the same time. Learn more at

  • Geek Fact for December 14th

    In 1962, Mariner 2 made the first flyby of another planet, Venus. Mariner 2 was a backup for the Mariner 1 mission. Mariner 1 failed shortly after launch to Venus. Learn more at

  • Geek Fact for December 13th

    In 1982, 
Atari released the 1200XL home computer. Priced starting at $900, the Atari 1200XL featured a 1.79MHz MOS 6502C processor, 64KB RAM, and 256 color capability. Learn more at