• All the Best from DCT to You

    Another year almost gone, another year that seems to have rushed by. Remember when we were kids and from one Christmas to the next felt like an eternity? Now, it seems we are no sooner getting over the last Christmas and the next one is looming. Why is it that the older we get the […]

  • DCT Game Giveaway – You Choose!

    The Battlefield 4 giveaway was a resounding hit with well over 200 entries received – unfortunately, as is the way with these giveaways, there can only be one lucky winner. So, we are planning a follow up giveaway, same deal with a brand new boxed DVD and genuine license key, but this time YOU get […]

  • Be A Super Computer! – Folding@home

    Fancy a part-share in the second most powerful supercomputer in the world?  Think what you could do with it: play Call of Duty or Crysis faster than real-time, crack all your friends’ passwords in a microsecond, finish your accounts spreadsheets before you even started, forecast hurricanes, predict climate change….  If the mood took you, you […]

  • Happy Holidays from DCT

    As the end of each year approaches the Holiday Season transforms into a season of family, thankfulness, and retrospect. We at DCT hope that this Holiday Season affords each and every one of you the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends as well as time to spend a few moments of reflection […]

  • Happy Mother’s Day!! (plus a great little video clip)

    What Makes A Mum So Wonderful ? It’s really many things, it’s her warmth and understanding and the happiness she brings, It’s her kindness and her tenderness, her sweet and patient ways, Her reassurance, welcome smile, and generous words of praise, It’s her constant way of caring, right from the very start, But most of […]

  • Orange you glad you visited DCT?

    Does something look out of place? Is there something different, but maybe you can’t put your finger on it? Well, you are not alone! DCT has a new look! Times change and so does technology. We often speak of the good ol’ days, but as each of us are geeks at heart a little “technology” […]

  • Happy Holidays from Daves Computer Tips!

    It’s that time of year again… No matter what your beliefs are it is a time of celebration, family, thankfulness, and reflection. Looking back on the past year here at DCT is nothing but a pleasure. From quality content to the great authors I have the pleasure of working with and backed up by awesome […]

  • DCT Giveaways: Important Announcement – please read!

    *UPDATE (2nd October, 2012): After further consideration it has been decided to continue notifying winners by email. However, instead of sending out individual emails to each winner we shall be sending just one generic notification email to all winners. Winners will still be required to fill out and submit the contact form in order to […]

  • New additions to DCT: Plus 2 equals more!

    If you’ve followed DCT for any length of time I hope our constant efforts to improve the information we provide to you, our readers, has been evident. We strive to provide relevant quality content that is useful to you, and today we take another step in our journey down that road by adding two new […]

  • Mark your calendars for May 28th: 1st Annual B.I.T.E. Back Against Malware

    [important] Please join DCT on May 28th for the first annual Beat Internet Threats Everywhere (B.I.T.E.) Day. A one day effort to take a BITE out of malware infections by significantly reducing infection rates and protecting personal information throughout the world. Encourage your friends and family to participate by sharing this through Facebook, Twitter, and […]

  • Listen to my interview with Mary Coon about online security

    I recently did a 2-hour special interview with Mary Coon of on the subject of online security. We focused on my “14 Golden Rules of Computer Security” (which is currently being revised and will help launch my new site) We had a very lively discussion.  More interviews are planned for the future. I guess […]