Canon PowerShot – Change The Batteries Error

My sister gave me her old Canon PowerShot A560.

A nice little camera but one major problem. It will not stay on. The viewscreen goes blank with an error message to “Change The Batteries” and then it turns off. I’ve tried a number of different batteries that I have tested to be good.

Online searches indicated it was a flawed design in the battery case and the power terminals don’t press securely against the batteries. They recommend using a toothpick to try and bend the connectors of the battery case cover.

Other info indicated it was the “memory battery”, a little button battery in the small compartment that I have raised in my photo. It’s a CR1220 3V Lithium cell battery. This is the battery that helps save the date, time, and so on. It’s almost like the CMOS battery in a computer. Unfortunately, I don’t have any available at this time, got some ordered online. This battery turned out to be unnecessary because I found a solution to make it work.

Use only new AA-sized Alkaline batteries or Canon AA-sized NiMH batteries. That seemed to have fixed the issue. I discovered I had a couple of Alkaline batteries, put them in the camera and the problems seems to be solved. The only issue that I have now is that it prompts me to set the date and time. I’ll fix that as soon as I get my cell batteries.

6 thoughts on “Canon PowerShot – Change The Batteries Error”

  1. I have a similar A620. Bought it about 2005. Never a battery problem, and used it in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not sure if mine has a lithium button battery. If so, it’s still good. I like this camera more than my Nikon DSLR.

  2. Terry Hollett

    Just a quick update, got my cell batteries and everything is working fine.

    1. what do you mean by cell batteries. is it the small coin sized battery or the lithium AA batteries. what helped you solve the issue?

      1. Terry Hollett

        The small coin-sized one. That’s the one that saves the date and time so you don’t have to keep resetting it.

  3. I removed the batterylid and placed it back. Problem solved. How I don’t no.

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