BlazeVideo Giveaway: BlazeVideo DVD Ripper

Easter is fast approaching and the associated giveaways are starting to roll in. As is our usual policy here at DCT, we’ll only be reporting those giveaways which involve reputable products plus a simple and direct method for obtaining the software for free.

BlazeVideo’s Easter promotion includes a giveaway of its very good BlazeVideo DVD Ripper software which will be available to everyone for free until 22nd April.

BlazeVideo DVD Ripper – The Software

BlazeVideo DVD Ripper is the fastest DVD ripper on the market, With superb video / audio quality, it rip any DVD to mobile devices like iPod, PSP, iPhone, BlackBerry, Zune, Nokia, LG, Motorola and other mobile phones. Thus, you can watch movies on your mobile video equipment wherever and whenever you want.


BlazeVideo DVD Ripper can rip DVD to all kind of media player device 300% faster than other DVD rippers, and brings three ripping modes: Entire Disc, Main Movie and Customize.

With BlazeVideo DVD Ripper, you can copy a DVD to mobile phones with a few mouse clicks without any extra operations or the need to copy DVD to hard drive.

BlazeVideo DVD Ripper – The Giveaway

To get BlazeVideo DVD Ripper for free all you need do is visit the special promotion page here: and click on the Get Giveaway Version button:

This will initiate a 16.9MB zip download which includes a text file containing your license key. That’s all there is to it.

*The “Giveaway Version” is full featured but does not include free upgrades. The “Full Version” does include free upgrades (to future versions) for a payment of $9.95us.


2 thoughts on “BlazeVideo Giveaway: BlazeVideo DVD Ripper”

    1. Hmmm, looks like BlazeVideo changed the giveaway software midstream, sorry about that Stephen. This just isn’t good enough, I’ve sent BlazeVideo a ‘please explain’ email.

      I downloaded the original DVD Ripper giveaway software with license code just to make sure that everything was alright but didn’t install it, if you particularly wanted BlazeVideo DVD Ripper you are welcome to my copy.

      Cheers… Jim

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