Beware the latest email scam – malware!

The latest scam being utilized to propagate malware involves emails purporting to emanate from an official postal service. The emails include an attachment of course, and that is where the malware lurks. I was first notified of this latest scam just a couple of days ago by a very good friend who lives in Victoria, Australia. He sent me a copy of the email he received:

The included attachment was a small zip folder which purported to contain information necessary to redeem the supposedly wayward package:

I can understand how enticing it might be for someone to open that folder, what they would be doing in fact, is activating the malware. Thankfully, my mate recognized the danger and did not open the attachment.

Co-incidentally, the very next day I came across an article on the Sophos Naked Security blog warning users about this same scam. The author makes a very valid comment – “Why are people believing these emails are from the Royal Mail in the first place? I mean, how do they think the Royal Mail got hold of their email address?”

You can view the entire Naked Security article HERE.

3 thoughts on “Beware the latest email scam – malware!”

  1. I received, yesterday, what I believe is a very similar scam, this time apparently from “UPS”. It had their exact logo and appearance and language. This time it said a package from some unknown company had been delivered to me earlier in the day. The where delivered was the only part that was not clearly written.

  2. Gerry Hatrick

    Seems this must be a good scam, I got a similar letter from the Royal Mail [UK] telling me that a package was unable to be delivered and details could be seen by opening an attachment at the foot of the email.

    Google had filed the email under spam, so I wasn’t tempted to open the attachment. Date of receipt approx 10th Oct 11.

    Be careful out there !!


  3. Having received one of these it created Great confusion for two reasons 1- I was expecting a parcel delivery via Australia Post at the time , and they do have my email address as I do regular business with them. But as I live in a Rural town I rang our local Aus.Post Agent and found out that no parcels had arrived as yet so I immediately became suspicious I then rang Aus. Post at their delivery centre for this Area and was told also that no Parcels in my name had arrived .
    So don’t open anything that you do not know the contents of , unless of course it is a stubbie or can of beer…ejgippy.

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