AutoPlay VLC Video Full Screen On Second Monitor

If you have two or more monitors and you want your videos to open on a second or third monitor, full screen, then do the following:

Go to Tools and then Preferences or press Ctrl + P. Click on the Video icon towards the top.


Check on the Fullscreen option in the Display section.

Then next to the Fullscreen Video Device option. It’s probably set to Automatic. If I wanted VLC to automatically play on my second monitor, I would click on the word Automatic and switch it to \\.DISPLAY2

If you have more than two monitors, you’ll probably see them all listed there. Choose accordingly.

Then click on Save. Now when I double-click on a video to play it, it opens full screen on my second monitor. If your settings don’t seem to be holding, change your settings and then shut down and restart VLC.

3 thoughts on “AutoPlay VLC Video Full Screen On Second Monitor”

  1. Not working in Windows 11 with latest version of VLC. Whichever monitor I choose it still plays on the default monitor

    1. Try this: play a video and drag VLC over to the second monitor while playing. Close that video and start up another one. When I did this the video continued to open on the monitor that the last video was dragged to.

  2. Are only able to choose between display1 or display4. Only have two monitors connected (one fore the com and a tv). How it detects the tv as display4 I don’t know and can’t find out… Any suggestions?

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