Artificial Intelligence Set To Dominate PCs

We recently published an article reporting that Microsoft will soon be introducing a new AI-powered feature called Copilot into an upcoming Windows 11 Insider build: Are We Heading For an AI-Driven Windows 12?

The massive difference between the AI-powered chatbots we’ve been hearing about and Copilot is that the latter will be integrated into the very core of the Windows operating system. Meaning Copilot’s reach, power, and functionality will be virtually all-encompassing. Microsoft is so enamored with Copilot that the company has subsequently announced it will be removing Cortana from Windows in favor of its new AI-powered feature.

I’ve mentioned previously that you’re probably getting a tad fed up with continually hearing about AI but the harsh reality is, you’d better get used to it my friends because there is little doubt that AI is set to become an integral part of our digital lives, and no more so than with our home computers.

AI-Powered Software Coming Soon?

I recently received an email message from Digiarty, the company that specializes in video and DVD software. The message from Digiarty strongly suggests that the company is seriously considering introducing an AI component into its flagship product, VideoProc Converter:

As you can see from the above screenshot, Digiarty is seeking opinions from current VideoProc Converter users (of which I am one) on the possibility probability of introducing AI-powered video editing, and I have little doubt this will become a reality regardless of user input. This is the first mention of an AI-powered, commonly used program that I’ve encountered, but I seriously doubt it will be the last. In fact, I firmly believe AI-powered software will eventually become the norm.

So, as the title of this article suggests, in my opinion, AI is set to dominate in pretty much all aspects of our beloved home PCs.

As always, your thoughts are welcome via the comments.

4 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence Set To Dominate PCs”

  1. Thanks Jim
    Wait until Microsoft and Google’s AI starts secretly reporting back to Government Intelligence Agencies that you have been “innocently” browsing gun advertisements and looking up prices for MAGA hats on EBay !

    1. Hey Reg,

      Somewhat ironically, about a week after I wrote this article I received notification that Microsoft was in the process of adding AI into its latest Outlook software.

  2. It is one of those things we mere mortals have little influence over. Somewhere deep in the bowls of MS and other giants some bean counter has determined that there is a profit to be made. Well, there is no way they are doing this for our benefit.
    Some of my photography friends have become enchanted by some of the new (beta) AI features in Photoshop. Sure it is amazing, but I did not take up the hobby to let some computer create my images. I feel that images created this way only take away from my work. It is bad enough that the camera I use selects the best settings for a scene. Many times, I just turn off all these features and do it manually. Then it is mine.
    But, most people I know are LAZY and want technology to do it for them. NO creativity.

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