Aimersoft Giveaway: Aimersoft DVD Creator for Windows & Mac (1-day only)

We have received advance notice that Aimersoft is planning a 24 hour giveaway scheduled for September 17th. The giveaway will be for the terrific Aimersoft DVD Creator, both Windows and Mac versions will be on offer. Aimersoft DVD Creator for Windows would normally sell for $45.95us and the Mac version for $49.00us, but you can get either or both for free during 17th September.

Aimersoft DVD Creator for Windows – the software


A versatile DVD burner that lets you create DVDs from all popular video and photo formats for play on any DVD player or TV.

  • Burn DVD from all video formats like MP4, MOV, WMV and AVI
  • Turn your photos into eye-catching photo DVD slideshows
  • Touch up video and photos instantly with the built-in editor
  • Offer abundant free good-looking DVD menu templates

To learn more about Aimersoft DVD Creator for Windows and all its features visit the home page here:

Aimersoft DVD Creator for Mac – the software


The best DVD burning software to convert videos and photos to DVD for play on DVD players or TV on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion Included).

  • Convert videos in various formats to DVD on Mac
  • Create photo DVD slideshows with background music
  • Retouch videos and photos with the built-in video editor
  • Provides 60+ free customizable DVD menu templates
  • Directly load media files from iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, etc.

To learn more about Aimersoft DVD Creator Mac and all its features visit the home page here:

Aimersoft DVD Creator for Windows & Mac giveaway – how to get it

Because we have been notified about this giveaway in advance and it obviously isn’t live just yet, we can’t fill you in on the usual details. All I can tell you is to visit the respective home pages during 17th September and the process plus any requirements should be obvious.

Here are links to the home pages again:

9 thoughts on “Aimersoft Giveaway: Aimersoft DVD Creator for Windows & Mac (1-day only)”

  1. How much did they pay you for that? Giving recommendations to one of the largest spamming companies in the world must have been for profit.

    1. Anyone who is at all familiar with DCT, and myself in particular, would know that we would never accept any sort of reward in return for a recommendation, regardless of the circumstances.

      And you are basing your “spamming” comment on what precisely?

      I could respond by accusing you of being a total prat, but how fair would that be if I didn’t back it up with something to substantiate that claim? Then again, maybe your very own comments present evidence enough.

    2. I’ve never found DCT to promote spammers and they’ve always been very responsive to my queries. You’ve got them pegged all wrong, dude.

  2. I have been to their web site and I cannot find anything about it being free.

    1. Hi Robin – Take another look. I just visited the site, after reading your comment, and it is defintely listed for free.

      Cheers… Jim

    1. Hey Dan – As far as I can tell, it must only be downloaded on 9/17. There is nothing on the site, or in the ensuing email from Aimersoft, to suggest it must also be installed on that date.

      Cheers… Jim

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