6 Google Search Tips You Should Know

We all know how versatile Google search is but here are a number of additional tips that you may or may not be aware of.

Math in a Search Box

Did you know that answers to mathematical calculations are instantly available right there from within Google search? Simply type your calculation into the Google search box and… voila! From simple additions 24 + 8 + 16, to percentages 20% of 555, to complex equations, Google search handles it all:

And if you want to just call up the calculator itself, simply type calculator into the search box.

Google Search – The Ace Converter

Google will quickly convert anything, and I do mean anything! Celsius to Fahrenheit, metric to imperial and vice versa, currencies, you name it and Google will convert it. Just input the basic information, for example 78 Fahrenheit in Celsius, and Google will not only give you the answer it will also provide an interactive calculator for further conversions:

Google can also provide you with currency conversion rates quickly and easily. The neat thing about this function is you don’t need to know or use the official currency symbols or abbreviations, Google’s algorithm is able to interpret sentence type queries. For example, a search for 100 Australian dollars in Turkey returns the following result:

**It should be noted that Google’s currency converter includes a disclaimer to the effect that it cannot guarantee up-to-date accuracy of its exchange rates. So, due to the volatile nature, while this function may provide a helpful guide, it should not be taken as providing absolutely current exchange rates.

Google Search – The Dictionary

You can find out the meaning of weird and wonderful words (or two-word phrases) direct through Google Search simply by utilizing the “define” or “definition” qualifier. For example, don’t know what a misanthrope is? Input define:misanthrope to display the definition, pronunciation, and (where available) the etymology.

Don’t know what “etymology” means? Look it up using Google Search! 🙂

Google can tell you the Time Anywhere in the World

Google has the ability to let you know what the local time is in any part of the world just by searching time + (any location). The location can be a country, state, or city (or zip code in the US). Want to know what time it is in Bundaberg Australia right now, input time Bundaberg

… and I can reliably confirm that the time displayed was spot on.

Google Search – The Meteorologist

Similarly, imputing weather + (any location) will return current weather conditions for anywhere in the world. Let’s take a look at how fellow author Marc is faring in Buenos Aires today weatherwise:

Blimey Marc, that’s a tad parky! Although I guess it is late into the evening over there.

Google Search – Sunrise, Sunset

Planning a day trip and want to get home before sunset? Or perhaps you’re a keen fisherperson (note the politically correct non gender specific title)? Or maybe planning an itinerary for a trip abroad? Google can help you with that too. Simply input either sunrise or sunset followed by a location and… voila!

Of course, all of these results can be ascertained by alternative means but the Google Search method does have its advantages. For starters, Google Search is ubiquitous so pretty much available to everyone, anywhere. Plus, it is simple and instant… which all adds up to uber convenient.


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  1. I love this. Some of it I’d seen before just by chance, but never knew it covered so many other applications.

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