3 thoughts on “Windows 11 Pro Now Requires Microsoft Account”

  1. Charles D Hadden

    I question how that is going to work out for them as I just had to go BACK to Win 10 from 11. The reason I have the question is that when I tried to roll back the proper way through windows updates, it crashed, and the only way I was able to resolve it was that I have made a cloned drive of my Win 10 from which I was able to restore my main drive from. Not that this can’t be resolved, it would potentially cause M$ some obvious problems in sinking who has what when.

  2. The issue as I see it is that so many people have Gmail (Google) accounts, while so many people have Windows (Microsoft) computers. For people who don’t want multiple accounts, its a bit awkward being forced to create a dedicated Microsoft account when you live your whole online existence in the Google atmosphere.

    Some past editions of Windows “required” a Microsoft account, but it was possible to find a way around it. I guess the noose is being tightened so that there’s no way of escaping.

    1. Hey Tony,

      There are still ways to get around this and install Windows 10 Home and Pro without requiring a Microsoft account or interment connection. There are plenty of guides online if you search around.

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