Who Needs a Sheepdog – Watch this drone herding sheep (video)

Two brothers in Ireland, one a farmer and the other a drone operator/photographer, have collaborated to produce the world’s first drone sheepdog.

Does the drone do a good job of herding the sheep – judge for yourself:

Once trained, a sheepdog probably doesn’t require as much overseeing and human interaction, but then again, a drone doesn’t require constant care and feeding either. Although, I can’t help wondering how a drone would handle some of Ireland’s notoriously inclement weather conditions.


2 thoughts on “Who Needs a Sheepdog – Watch this drone herding sheep (video)”

  1. Jason Shuffield

    Jim I think I need a drone to heard my kids. This looks fun and looks very effective.

  2. It says at the end… JOB DONE. Well I don’t think so mate. Who is going to SHUT THE GATE hahaha.

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