Underlines in MS Excel

Some folks are not aware that there are several kinds of underlines available in Excel that you can use within your cells.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Display the Home tab of your Ribbon.
  2. In the Cells group, click the down-arrow under Format and select Format Cells to display the dialog box.
  3. Make certain that the Font tab is displayed.

In the Underline area, in the lower left-hand corner, you can select from five different underline types:

  • None – Removes any underlining from your cell contents
  • Single – Adds a single underline the width of your cell contents
  • Double – Adds a double-line the width of your cell contents.
  • Single Accounting – Same as the single underline, except a bit lower
  • Double Accounting – Same as the Double-line but a bit lower

Go ahead and explore and try them all!

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