Top 12 Spamming Countries in the World

Every so often, Security company SophosLabs publishes a list of of the top 12 spamming countries in the world, something it lightheartedly calls the “Dirty Dozen Spampionship”.

These latest statistics have been taken from the second quarter of 2014, covering April, May, and June. Here is the top 12 list by sheer quantity, or volume:

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Of course, this is a very skewed indication because there will always be a greater overall volume of spam emanating from countries with larger populations than those with smaller populations – very unfair to countries such as the US and China. So, Sophos takes this a step further and also compiles a list of the top 12 counties per capita, or average per head of population:

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<images: credit Sophos>

This is a much truer indication of overall spamming activity and you can see by comparing both lists how much it affects the results, with some countries changing position while others not mentioned by volume appear and others that were mentioned by volume disappear.

So, according to Sophos, Bulgaria is the top spamming nation. Australia isn’t mentioned in either list, which is hardly surprising. What is surprising however, to me anyway, is no mention of India in either list. No offense intended, but I would have thought that just by virtue of sheer size of population, India would have at least made the first list.


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