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This is what’s known as a lazy writer’s article. No, not really. I was thinking about all the articles I’ve written about freeware over the years, particularly the reviews, and what a shame it is that they are now buried in the DCT archives. So, I decided to resurrect them… or at least links to them. By the way, there are literally thousands of articles in the DCT archive covering a multitude of topics. Some have now been made redundant by the advances in technology and changes in software interfaces/settings, of course, but many remain relevant and are as useful today as they were when published.

Have you tried our site’s Search function? It’s very easy, accurate, and might lead you to some interesting results. The Search feature is right there in the top menu between “About us” and “Daves Computer Tips”. Just click the magnifying glass icon, input a search term relevant to what you are looking for, and you’ll see all articles we’ve published on that particular topic.

Now, back to the freeware reviews. Some of these are getting a bit long in the tooth but, because of the stagnant freeware situation, most remain totally relevant today. If you know of any new freeware that trumps my recommendations then by all means let me know in the comments.

Best Freeware Picks

So there you have it. Lots of goodies there to ponder. If you would like a review of a particular piece of freeware let me know in the comments and I’ll do my very best to accommodate your request.

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