The Truth Behind Windows 11

We very recently published an article theorizing that Windows 11 was released prematurely as a work in progress: Windows 11 – A Work In Progress. Now I have formed another theory involving Windows 11 and the demise of Windows 10X. Windows 10X was a new operating system scheduled for release to coincide with a new dual-screen Surface model but was eventually abandoned.

First off, let’s take a look at Windows 11’s controversial history:

  • 29th July 2015: Microsoft releases Windows 10 and avows it will be the very last Windows operating system
  • 24th June 2021: Microsoft announces Windows 11 in complete contradiction with its earlier statement
  • Microsoft shocks everyone with its stringent Windows 11 requirements
  • 5th October 2021: Microsoft officially releases Windows 11
  • Users complain about Windows 11’s deprecation of features, especially relating to UI elements

On 18th May 2021 Microsoft mentioned the demise of the Windows 10X project, buried toward the bottom of an unrelated announcement re the Windows 10 May Update:

Instead of bringing a product called Windows 10X to market in 2021 like we originally intended, we are leveraging learnings from our journey thus far and accelerating the integration of key foundational 10X technology into other parts of Windows ~ source

So, on 18th May 2021, the Windows 10X project is abandoned and just one month later the impending release of Windows 11 is announced. We now know that many of the UI changes in Windows 11 were taken directly from Windows 10X, including the fixed Taskbar and awful Start Menu. Here’s an image taken directly from a sneak preview of Windows 10X:

Look familiar?

Obviously, Microsoft had invested many hours and potentially millions of dollars in developing Windows 10X, and porting those already developed UI elements over to Windows 11 not only somewhat justified that investment but also allowed for a much shorter development period for Windows 11. One can imagine the thought process among the hierarchy at Microsoft:

  • Hmmm, we just spent millions developing a new operating system that has now been abandoned, how the heck can we justify that expenditure?
  • I know, what say we release a new Windows called Windows 11 and utilize much of that investment into Windows 11
  • Good idea, that should help ease the pain
  • But we said Windows 10 would be the very last Windows version
  • Oh, don’t worry about that, users will cop whatever we throw at them, no problem


Considering the sheer amount of time and dollars spent developing Windows 10X, plus the timing between abandoning 10X and announcing Windows 11, it sure makes sense that Windows 11 came about as a direct consequence of the demise of Windows 10X. What do you think?

10 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Windows 11”

  1. Amazing insight, I think you are correct. Everyone started to hook up with Linux (like me after 30 years of MS) By the way I thought that Linux would be unstable from my previews, but after about a month of updates, (especially the graphics driver which AMD stopped updating) the system is ROCK solid and is slinging graphics around like a rag doll. Also switched to Nvidia.

    1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Linux, per se. The problem lies with lack of support from software developers, especially where some type of specialized usage is involved.

  2. I am SO sick of Microsoft’s constant updating, giving us “features” we don’t really want/need and abandoning features we liked (for example the older version of photo viewer – faster and more efficient and a Control Panel that was great) that I, too, am ready to throw in the towel and move to Linux – except I have a couple of programs that only run on MS, grrrr. WHY don’t they listen to consumers at MS? And what ever happened to local area networking – no workie on my home LAN. And log ago I gave up on MS Office and love Libre Office (plus it’s FREE!)

    1. except I have a couple of programs that only run on MS

      Exactly. So many people in the same boat, yours truly included. Linux simply does not command anywhere near enough of the overall market share to be relevant to software developers.

      1. Hi Jim, hope you had a joyfull christmas
        since msft is a government approved
        monopoly, we will have to hope there are people working on a simpler adhesion
        of a computing environment and software packages, that will end msft
        bill gates won,t be around forever

        1. Hey Timbo,

          We had a very joyful Christmas, thanks mate. I’m hearing you Timbo- we live in hope. 🙂

          Wishing you and yours a safe and prosperous 2022.

  3. So, based on the often stated “fact” that alternate versions have failed – XP success, Vista failure, 7 success, 8 failure, 10 success, 11 is due to fail.

    Windows 11 as the product of a mistake is likely destined for failure, and the next success will follow it.

  4. Something at Microsoft is terribly wrong I believe. I have been running Win10 with great success on two older PC custom builds. Then I have two Dell computers — an Inspiron and a Optiplex — both desktops. Win10 again is running really nicely. Then Microsoft comes out with Win11 and I find that both of my custom build PCs have to be trashed and even my two newer Dell computers have to be trashed due to Microsoft Win11 requirements. Some Dell computers will be offered patches to assist with conversion to Win11 according to a Dell article — but not my Dell PCs. So now I have to throw out 4 desktop computers and one laptop all because of Microsoft’s irresponsible Win11 upgrade requirements. I wonder if the Environmental Terrorists have anything to say about Microsoft being the cause of millions or perhaps billions of computers needing to be thrown in the trash worldwide due to their decision to make a few critical Win11 upgrade decisions. Nicely done Microsoft. I have even seen comments on the internet about some people having computers that were only 2 to 3 years old and their PCs did not meet the new Win11 requirements. Microsoft’s decision is extremely irresponsible and shows a complete lack of good sense.

    1. Hello GPT,
      The launch of a new OS is not a signal for all users to dump devices that are running on the immediate past OS which will continue to function for quite some time to come. So you can certainly keep your present Windows 10 machines and carry on as before.

  5. The environmental terrorist only attack on command.
    Do not throw those devices out, install Linux Una 23, with the Cinnamon Mint desktop. It took me about 2 months to get setup and used to it after 30 years of using MS.

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