The Most Unlikely Gold Medal Win Ever!

Speed skating final 2002 Winter Olympics. Please watch the video through to the end, I guarantee it is worth it. Commentary is provided by a couple of Australian comedians so is very much tongue-in-cheek.


The Australian skater who ended up winning gold is Steven Bradbury who was 100/1. As you can see from the video, Steven was never in the race dropping further and further behind in last place until they entered the home stretch where he had seemingly no hope. Suddenly, just short of the finish line, all the other skaters collided with each other and fell to the ice while Steven glided through to take out gold. This most unlikely win by Steven is legendary here in Australia with Steven’s name even passing into the language- when someone in a seemingly impossible position ends up winning, they are said to have “done a Bradbury“.

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  1. I almost lost my dinner.
    I’m still laughing as I try to type this.
    Many thanks.

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