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  • Beware of Scam or Phishing emails!

    In all the time I’ve been computering I’ve never actually received any phishing or scam emails myself. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of examples across the net and on computers belonging to my clientele but I’ve never actually had one come through my own inbox… until now! Just to show how sneaky these people are; I […]

  • Beware Classle Soft freeware! (Now fixed, please see update)

    [important]UPDATE (22nd December, 2012): Please read through the associated comments under this article. As you can see, this software developer has offered an explanation of the issues associated  with his software, it seems pretty obvious that he made an honest error in judgement and has now taken steps to rectify the situation. I have re-checked the […]

  • Warning: Beware privacyroot.com

    The issues with so-called freeware available from privacyroot.com were first brought to our attention by Marko, owner and administrator of our recommended freeware download site FreewareBB. The privacyroot.com home page displays summarized details of four software titles, three of which are clearly specified as being free: However, when you download, install and run the software […]